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   The 4.06 Build Release Call was held Thursday May 14, at 1 P.M.   
Recent Build Releases 
Build 4.05.0 deployed Thursday, April 2, 2020 - Click for build release notes 

Build 4.04.3 Hot Fix deployed Tuesday, February 25, 2020 - Click for build release notes

   Build 4.04.2 deployed Thursday, February 20, 2020 - Click for build release notes

   Build 4.03.1 deployed Friday, January 17, 2020 - Click for build release notes

   Build 4.02.1 Hot Fix deployed Tuesday, December 10, 2019 - Click for build release notes

   Build 4.02.0 deployed Tuesday, December 3, 2019.  


Future SACWIS Builds
  *Please note that the following schedule is tentative and may change as our user community's needs evolve or we
    receive new state or federal mandates/directives. This list will be updated as changes occur.  
Future Build Number/ Tentative Date  Initiative NameInitiative Description
June 2, 2020 
PSA EnhancementsThe Protective Service Alert functionality will be updated to
make them more useful and visible. 
Some of the proposed
changes include improved 
workflow for out-of-state PSA
processing, removing 
the expiration date, displaying PSA
information on 
the Case Overview page when members
associated persons have an active PSA.    
 ICCAAutomation of the Individual Child Care Agreement form in 
SACWIS.  Most information that has already been recorded in 
SACWIS will populate this form, which must be completed any 
time a child enters a new substitute care setting.  
 CIRPImprovements made to the Custody, Initial Removal, and 
Placement functionality in SACWIS.  The changes will create 
a more efficient workflow to eliminate manual work needed to 
complete the day to day requirements.  
June 30, 2020
T&M Defects  The initiative incorporates a body of work across all modules 
of the application that the SACWIS Project Team addressed 
over several months.  These are miscellaneous defects that 
are not directly related to any major stand-alone project 
 OhioKan - Phase 1Functionality will be introduced to accommodate the Ohio
Kinship and Adoption Navigator (OhioKAN) program.
Regional program staff will have access to create their
own OhioKAN intakes and cases which will include activity
logs, case services, and a needs assessment. 

Recruitment Plans 
& Events Update
Recruitment Event functionality will be updated to include 
person search for participants and the system will then create 
a pending inquiry record based on this information.  
 Adoption Subsidy
The Adoption Subsidy functionality has been redesigned to
align better with current practice and policy. Agencies will be
able to determine a child’s eligibility prior to going into
negotiations with an adoptive parent.  Agencies will have the
option to withdraw an application if the subsidy cannot be
completed, will be given a calculated Monthly Maintenance
Cost of Care amount based on previous placement
payments for the child. Nonrecurring will be separated into
its own left hand navigation as well as an improved
workflow within this work item to align better with the
Adoption Subsidy functionality.  All subsidies and reviews
will have an approval process to verify the amounts being
issued.  This initiative will also resolve current system
defects and update the user interface.    

Last updated 05/15/2020

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