Job & Family Services Requests for Proposals
Request for Letterhead Bids (RLB): R-89-01-0488 for the Office of the Director, Technical Assistance to Counties
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    Announcement -- June 27, 2007

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) issues this Request for Letterhead Bids (RLB) to solicit responses from vendors qualified to provide members of the agency’s Director’s Office with professional consultation and technical assistance for its efforts at enhancing the effectiveness of the functional and administrative interfaces between ODJFS and its county agency partners.  As a result of this RLB process, ODJFS anticipates offering up to three contracts to persons qualified and experienced in public service administration, fiscal administration, program development and implementation, professional communications, and training needs analysis. 

Each of the selected consultants may be assigned various tasks related to the overall goals of this RLB, such as:  1) analyzing, designing, and implementing training programs for new county agency directors and/or county agency staff;  2) assessing the needs of county agency staff for information on state-level operations, and developing strategies for filling those needs, and;  3) analyzing existing ODJFS structures, practices, and conventions for providing support to, and communicating with, the county agencies, and identifying possible opportunities to enhance their effectiveness.  Additionally, some work assignments may be issue-specific, such as examining procedural and administrative interaction points between ODJFS and the county agencies on specific programs, such as Food Stamps, in order to develop strategies for performance improvements. "All submissions must be received no later than the date, time and location as specified in Section II of the RLB."

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