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The Office of Family Assistance created this web site, which contains the following information:

The purpose of this web site is to provide information on the PRC Program. It represents the Department's best effort to provide useful information in a timely manner. NOTE: This version of the CDJFS' PRC plans may not be the most recent version. Only PRC Plans submitted to ODJFS by the CDJFS are posted to this web page. The receipt of these plans does not constitute an approval or disapproval of the policies and practices outlined by the counties and does not represent the concurrence of the State with any claims by the County. This web site is updated when revised plans have been provided by the CDJFS.


When submitting your County PRC Plan or revision, remember to include your county name and date. Please make sure to submit the entire document. A e-mailbox has been set up so that each county may electronically submit its PRC Plans and revisions to ODJFS. Please send the document to the e-mailbox "JFS Program-Policy". For those counties without Outlook access, the full name for the mailbox is JFS Program-Policy@jfs.ohio.gov.