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The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) mandates oversight of WIOA-funded programs, including OhioMeansJobs Centers, at the state level by a business-led Governor’s Executive Workforce Board and for each Workforce Area, a local, business-led Workforce Development Board.  
The role of the boards are to set policy, develop statewide and local plans, develop local area budgets to carry out the duties of the local system, and act as an independent broker of programs to assist employers in meeting their hiring needs and workers to find sustainable jobs.
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The following information can help workforce professionals operating or supporting an OhioMeansJobs Center better understand how WIOA requires Ohio and other states to structure their workforce systems:

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act requires the development of a state and local area Workforce Development Board. (For more information on the legal establishment of the State Workforce Development Board, see Section 101 of the WIOA law. For more information on the legal establishment of the Local Workforce Development Board, see Section 107.)

The Governor's Executive Workforce Board (GEWB) assists the Governor in directing workforce development resources to maximize return on investment and ensure optimal growth in Ohio's workforce economy. The Board regularly assesses Ohio's employment needs, advises the Governor on setting performance goals and priorities to improve the State's workforce development system, and helps leaders who shape workforce development policy at the local level. Board members represent a range of groups including business and industry, organized labor, state legislature, education, social service agencies and others who have a stake in employment and training issues. 

Ohio has local workforce development areas which are part of a comprehensive workforce development system integrating Ohio's economic and workforce development, and education and training systems. Each of these local areas maintains commitments and partnerships with many businesses, academic partners, and state and local government officials.

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Last reviewed: 02/21/2019