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Local Workforce Services
OhioMeansJobs Centers work with county agencies and other partners to deliver a variety of employment and training services to businesses and individuals. Specific services at an OhioMeansJobs center are designed to meet local needs but may not be available in all locations. For a sampling of services, see the chart below.

For more information, contact the OhioMeansJobs center closest to you.
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Individual ServicesEmployer Services
Training and Talent Development
(May require proof of eligibility)
Employee Training and Talent Development
  1. Ability testing, work readiness assessments, skill and aptitude tests
  2. Job readiness development (communication skills, punctuality)
  3. Career counseling, job coaching and on-going support
  1. Referrals to local employee training providers
  2. Computer training labs and conference rooms
  3. Assistance with establishing apprenticeship programs
Job Search SupportEmployee Selection Support
  1. Job matching
  2. Access to Internet computers and office equipment
  3. Workshops on job search techniques, interviewing and resume writing
  1. Screening of qualified applicants
  2. Skill assessment, job readiness, and aptitude testing
  3. Support for hiring special populations (migrant and seasonal farm workers, older workers, veterans, workers with disabilities, youth)
Career Planning and SupportEmployee Recruitment
  1. Interest inventories and career exploration
  2. Labor market information (demand jobs, average wages, required skills and education)
  3. Follow-up services to ensure success
  1. Posting and filling of job openings
  2. Job fairs and mass recruitments
  3. Sample job applications and want ads
Youth Development and PlacementHuman Resource Planning and Management Support
  1. Assistance in academic or occupational learning
  2. Development of leadership skills
  3. Preparation for further education, additional training, and employment.
  1. Business and human resource workshops
  2. Resources for small businesses and entrepreneurs
  3. Retention and supportive services for employees

  Last updated: 12/05/2017