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County Finance Information System
County Finance Information SystemClient Level Tracking (CFIS CLT) – The CFIS CLT module was launched in June 2016 to link local workforce services in the case management system to expenditures in the financial system.  Below are links, training videos, and other valuable resources to help CFIS CLT users navigate and operate the new module.

Financial Coding transcript from a training webinar held July 28, 2016 which defines services and programs to be entered in Client Tracking, the process for adding services, and CFIS sub-project codes. 

CFIS Sub-Project codes provides a list and definitions of the financial codes available for expense tracking by category.

Requesting Access and Getting Answers explains where users can request access to CFIS and receive answers on various aspects of the CFIS CLT module and includes a list of various ODJFS Help Desks.
Client Tracking Roles describes the permissions available under each user type in CFIS CLT to help local system administrators set up worker accounts appropriately.

CFIS Client Tracking Training webinar (1:25:07) and PowerPoint (06/15/2017) A webinar has been recorded to train Case Managers on the steps for entering direct services into CFIS Client Tracking and entering the planned cost and other required information.

Last updated: 10/16/2017