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The Advancement through Resources, Information and Employment Services (ARIES) system is the integrated case management system for the workforce programs housed in the ODJFS, Office of Workforce Development. ARIES facilitates service delivery across workforce programs. The integrated data is stored in a reporting database that provides "canned" and "ad hoc" reporting capabilities to users via the SAP-Business Objects (SAP-BO) reporting tool. 

To obtain access to the ARIES system, a digital JFS-07078, Code of Responsibility, form must be submitted. You may find IPP.3922 here: Internal Policy and Procedure Manual > IPP.3000. OIS > Code of Responsibility (state.oh.us).

Please visit the UX Portal for county Technical Point of Contact (TPOC) & Local Security Coordinator (LSC) information. County Operations User Experience (UX) Portal - Home (sharepoint.com)

Workforce Alerts - Workforce Alert emails from the ARIES system team. 

ARIES Online Tutorials - Users may view short video tutorials on different components of ARIES functionality, the SAP-BO Reporting tool and more.

Complied Access Resources for Innerweb

ARIES Fall 2022 Training FAQ 

Contact us by email at ARIES_Helpdesk@jfs.ohio.gov