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The Pulse is the official newsletter for the Advancement through Resources, Information and Employment Services (ARIES) System project. It's intended to provide our stakeholders with information and updates regarding the project. If you have any questions, please email the project support team at CMAdmin@jfs.ohio.gov.


05/29/2020 - Introduction and Project Team Structure
06/05/2020 - ARIES Project Webinars Scheduled; Video Site Goes Live
06/12/2020 - Demo 1 Primary Search Video Posts to ARIES Videos Site
06/19/2020 - Demo 1 Employer Business Services Videos
06/26/2020 - Demo 1 Entering Employer Data Videos & Data Conversion Update
07/02/2020 - Monthly Project Update Webinars Scheduled
07/17/2020 - Events and Wagner-Peyser Videos to Post to Video Website
07/24/2020 - Reworking Business Processes Workgroup
07/31/2020 - ARIES Executive Steering Committee Established