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State policies and guidance are issued by the Office of Workforce Development. To review the Requirements for Local Workforce Development Area Policies, click here.

Ohio has received multiple WIOA waivers enabling flexibility in the design and delivery of services which may affect the below policies

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Eligible Training Providers  (WIET)  
Eligible Training Providers
Attachment A: Credential Classification Checklist Template   
Attachment B: Glossary
10/21/2022WIOAPL 16-02.2    
WIOA Funds Rescission Policy 05/06/2019WIOAPL 18-03  
Transfer of Funds between the Adult and Dislocated Worker Local Formula Funds03/03/2016WIOAPL 15-25  
ITA Financial Definitions03/03/2016WIOAPL 15-26  
National Dislocated Worker Grants  
Disaster Recovery National Dislocated Worker Grants06/27/2018WIOAPL 17-06.2  
Implementation of Workforce Development Services Under the Trade and Economic Transition National Dislocated Worker Grant (Opioid Transition Grant) 04/01/2019WIOAPL 18-02  
Employment Recovery National Dislocated Worker Grants06/10/2019WIOAPL 18-04.1    
Implementation of Workforce Development Services Under the Opioid Emergency Recovery Grant06/14/2021WIOAPL 19-01.1    
Implementation of Workforce Development Services Under the Fresh Start Grant05/25/2022WIOAPL 21-02
OhioMeansJobs and American Job Center Branding. Guidelines  11/14/2016WIOAPL 16-07  
Mandate Use of OhioMeansJobs.com for Job Placement and Referral Activities in Ohio09/15/2017WIOAPL 17-01  
Reporting Requirements for OhioMeansJobs Center Universal Customers09/20/2022WIOAPL 15-21.1
Ohio Workforce Case Management System (OWCMS)  
Enhancement to allow changing the intake date 03/14/2012Memo  
Processing Job Orders in a One-Stop Environment 02/06/2007WIATL 28  
Rapid Response  
Rapid Response Program Requirements - Employer Closure, Mass Layoff, Disaster Mass Job Dislocation, and Trade Adjustment Assistance Events  04/11/2018WIOAPL 15-15.2  
Funding for Rapid Response - Employer Closure, Mass Layoff, Disaster Mass Job Dislocation, and Trade Adjustment Assistance Events
JFS 18126 Application for Rapid Response Emergency Assistance Funds - Mass Layoff & Closures 
05/25/2018WIOAPL 17-05  
Rapid Response Program Requirements - Layoff Aversion  04/01/2019WIOAPL 15-16.1  
Funding for Rapid Response - Layoff Aversion
JFS 01815 Application for Rapid Response Emergency Assistance Funds - Layoff Aversion
04/01/2019WIOAPL 18-01     
State-Operated Workforce and Partner Programs  
Delivering Wagner-Peyser Labor Exchange Services in the OhioMeansJobs Center
Meaningful Assistance Memo (02/04/2021)
09/17/2020WPPL 20-03  
Guidelines Regarding Job Orders and Employer Services05/07/2007WIATL 30    
Job Seeker Registration02/01/2008WIATL 35    
Priority of Service for Veterans and Eligible Spouses
JFS 01863 Veteran Intake Questionnaire    
05/06/2019 WIOAPL 15-20.2    
State-Recognized Pre-Apprenticeship06/17/2022WIOAPL 21-03
WIOA Eligibility  
Adult and Dislocated Worker Eligibility.        
Attachment A - Adult & Dislocated Worker Eligibility Glossary  
10/01/2020WIOAPL 15-02.1    
Determination of Dependent Status07/15/2015WIOAPL 15-06  
Selective Service Registration07/15/2015WIOAPL 15-04  
Source Documentation for WIOA Title I Program Eligibility.
Attachment A- Program Eligibility and Attachment B - Performance Measures  
06/25/2018WIOAPL 15-07.2  
WIOA Youth Program Eligibility
WIOA Youth Program: Eligibility Requirements,
 references OAC 5101:10-3-01  
WIOAPL 15-03.1
WIOA Governance  
Complaint Procedures Manual and Your Complaint Rights Forms09/01/2018Guidance
Local Workforce Development Area Initial Designation09/19/2016WIOAPL 15-01.1  
Local Workforce Development Board Certification Process. Apply with form JFS 08105  09/08/2015WIOAPL 15-17.1    
Local Workforce Development Area Governance01/30/2017WIOAPL 15-18.1  
Regional and Local Planning01/24/2023WIOAPL 16-03.1 
Local Workforce Development Area Subsequent Designation10/26/2016WIOAPL 16-04  
Re-designation of Local Workforce Development Areas10/03/2016WIOAPL 16-05  
State Mechanism for Funding OhioMeansJobs Center Infrastructure Costs11/10/2016WIOAPL 16-06  
Procurement of the OhioMeansJobs Center Operator and Provider of Career Services02/24/2017WIOAPL 16-08  
Establishment of the Workforce Delivery System04/01/2019WIOAPL 16-09.1  
Certification of the Workforce Delivery System05/30/2017WIOAPL 16-10  
Development of the Memorandum of Understanding for the Workforce Delivery System04/01/2019WIOAPL 16-11.1  
WIOA Adult, Dislocated Worker, and Youth Programs Performance Accountability09/21/2017WIOAPL 17-02  
Procurement of the Comprehensive Case Management and Employment Program Provider for WIOA Youth-Funded Activities and Services11/08/2017WIOAPL 17-03  
WIOA Program Services  
Comprehensive Case Management and Employment Program - includes links to OAC rules 03/23/2016
Customized Training Guidelines03/23/2016WIOAPL 15-24  
Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) Guidelines
Incumbent Worker Training Memo (02/16/2023)
03/29/2016WIOAPL 15-23.1    
Serving Applicants with a Close Relationship to the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Program07/15/2015WIOAPL 15-05  
Career Services for Adults and Dislocated Workers06/06/2017WIOAPL 15-08.1  
Training Services for Adults and Dislocated Workers01/08/2018WIOAPL 15-09.1  
On-the-Job [OJT] Training01/22/2018WIOAPL 15-22.1  
Youth Program Services07/15/2015WIOAPL 15-10  
Poverty Line and Lower Living Standard Income Level
Poverty Income Chart for 2023
06/27/2018 WIOAPL 15-19.1  
Use of Individual Training Accounts (ITA)   09/27/2021WIOAPL 15-11.3  
Work Experience for Adults and Dislocated Workers07/15/2015WIOAPL 15-12  
Work Experience for Youth07/15/2015WIOAPL 15-13  
Work Relief or Work Training Program Exclusion  01/01/2006OAC4141-05-05  
Needs-Related Payments (NRPs) Using Adult and Dislocated Worker Funds04/15/2019WIOAPL 15-14.1  
Waivers for Implementation of the Comprehensive Case Management and Employment Program09/29/2022WIOAPL 17-04.2
Transitional Jobs 
Attachment A: Populations with Barriers   
06/10/2019WIOAPL 18-05  
Employer Service Delivery Under WIOA     
Implementation Toolkit  
04/21/2020WIOAPL 19-03  
Guidance on Trade Adjustment Assistance and WIOA Dislocated Worker Co-Enrollment     09/27/2022     WIOAPL 22-01

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