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Advancement through Resources, Information & Employment Services (ARIES)

ARIES Basic Training Videos - Getting Ohio started with ARIES.
Updated Guidance on the Use of Social Security Numbers (SSN) Memo (07/07/2022)


WIOA Adult DW Guide: Overview of WIOA Case Management (09/22/2022)
WIOA Fundamentals: Basics of WIOA Adult and Dislocated Worker 
WIOA Fundamentals Workbook and webinar (09/22/2022)
WIOA in ARIES: Basic WIOA data entry into ARIES and webinar (09/22/2022)   

WIOA ADW Eligibility/Source Documentation & Monitoring Training
Eligibility Source Documentation and Monitoring webinar & PowerPoint
Source Documentation Chart
Source COVID19 Guidance Memo (02/04/2022)
Ask Away (11/17/2022)
WIOA/CCMEP Monitoring Guide (11/17/2022)

Fundamentals of the WIOA Program

Module 1 - Provides eligibility information for the WIOA Adult and Dislocated Worker Programs (Running Time Approximately 12:30. Posted 09/06/2019)
Module 2 - Provides information about the governance of WIOA (Running Time 8:38 min. Posted 09/26/2019)

Documentation Management - Applying the concepts of case documentation framework and making case notes more thorough and robust (Running Time 27:00. Posted 09/20/19)

Case Planning and Good Documentation - This session addresses fundamental principles of WIOA service delivery and practical guidelines for documenting it. We explore requirements for developing Individual Employment Plans (IEPs) and engaging your customer in making choices about training opportunities and discuss the importance of service documentation. Learn how to tie to robust case documentation to customer-centered coaching and decision-making. (Running Time 1:44:00. Posted 05/14/2020). Documentation     

WIOA Data Validation Training for Program Year 2020 - An overview of Ohio's PY '20 data validation results, and the data element documentation requirements from the U.S. Department of Labor. (Posted 02/15/2023)
Training Employment and Guidance Letter TEGL 23-19 
Training Employment and Guidance Letter TEGL 23-19 Change #1 

Properly Handling Personally Identifiable Information - Guidance on the handling and protection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) (Running Time 7:34. Posted 03/30/21) and PowerPoint  

Partner Connection in the OhioMeansJobs Center module (Running Time 15:00. Posted 11/27/2018) is designed to assist those working in the OhioMeansJobs center in creating a more coordinated effort between all the partners that reside in the center.

On The Job Training
OJT Webinar
OJT PowerPoint/PDF 
OJT Policy - Local Area 2
OJT Process Flow Chart - Local Area 17
Employer Plan of Service Form - Local Area 1

Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) Resources

Incumbent Worker Training Session - WDB Director and Local Higher Level webinar (06/8/2022)
Incumbent Worker Training Session - Business Services Team and Line Staff webinar (06/09/2022)
Incumbent Worker Training Session Questions 
Incumbent Worker Training Agreement 
Employer's Application for Training Assistance - Area 19
Checklist and Scoring Sheet - Area 19
Incumbent Worker Training in ARIES 

Trade Adjustment Assistance and WIOA Dislocated Worker Co-Enrollment Statewide Rollout

WIOAPL 22-01(Guidance on Trade Adjustment Assistance and WIOA Dislocated Worker Co-Enrollment) was published September 27, 2022. The purpose of this policy is to communicate the procedures for co-enrolling participants of Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program services into the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Dislocated Worker (DW) program, unless the TAA participant is not eligible for the WIOA Dislocated Worker program or opts-out of the co-enrollment opportunity. 

WIOA-TAA Co-Enrollment Training Session 1 - The purpose of Training Session 1 is to provide an overview of Ohio's Co-Enrollment Approach, Rationale, and Benefit of the program to comply with the Department of Labor's (DOL) TEGL 4-20 for co-enrolling eligible Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) participants into the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) Dislocated Worker program.
Webinar Session 1 (08/10/2022)
Training Overview Handout

WIOA-TAA Co-Enrollment Training Session 2 - Training Session 2 reviews the new co-enrollment TAA and WIOA-DW programmatic responsibilities in the ARIES case management. It also reviews the flow when eligible participants first enroll to either TAA or WIOA-DW program.  
Webinar Session 2 (08/17/2022)

Co-Services Possibilities List is now an ARIES form included directly in the customer's account. The pdf version should only be used as a tool during conversations with the customer on related and available services.

WIOA-TAA Co-Enrollment Questions and Answer Sessions:
Q & A Session 1 - Handout - webinar (09/28/2022)
Q & A Session 2 will be held 10/25/2022 - handout and webinar to follow. 

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Resources and Information

OhioMeansJobs Center Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) - What is an MOU and what are the roles and responsibilities of each partner?


CFIS CLT - County Finance Information System - Client Level Tracking was launched June 2016 to link workforce services in the case management system to expenditures in the financial system. (Posted Sept. 1, 2016).  


WIET Guide for Training Providers - This is a how-to-guide for eligible training providers to assist in navigating the Workforce Inventory of Education and Training (WIET) system. (Posted 12/16/2019

WIET Guide for Local Workforce Areas - This is a how-to-guide for local area staff to add non-ITA funded training providers to the local Workforce Inventory of Education and training (WIET) list. (Posted 12/16/2019)

Business Intelligence Channel (BIC) Cognos

Basic Guide to BIC Cognos: This beginner-level guide will show users how to log into BIC Cognos, how to run reports, how to schedule reports, and more.

Intermediate Guide to BIC Cognos: This guide will demonstrate the BIC Cognos report Authoring Mode, formatting a report, adding report items, creating report prompts, and other advanced Cognos functions.

BIC Cognos Report Directory - A directory of existing state-developed WIOA and CCMEP BIC Cognos reports detailing their applicable use.

BIC Cognos and OWCMS Data Crosswalk - A data element crosswalk which lets the user know which items in Cognos correspond to which fields in OWCMS.

Cognos Performance Webinar(Running Time 68:00 min) and documentation - In this webinar, participants will learn some basic functions of the Cognos reporting system. We will cover: logging into the system, the key features of the IBM Cognos Analytics Dashboard, and demonstrate how to run the Credential Attainment, the Employed 2nd Quarter after Exit, and the Employed 4th Quarter after Exit Performance reports for the Adult, Dislocated Worker, and CCMEP program areas.

BIC COGNOS Reporting Systems Training
Module 1 - General Properties of BIC Cognos (Running Time 7:00. Posted 10/23/2019)
Module 2 - Running a Report with Default Options (Running Time 6:54. Posted 10/23/2019)  

Special Populations

Meaningful Assistance to Unemployment Insurance Claimants -Web-based Module (Running Time 13:50)
Supporting documents: Processing Center locations and policy WIOAPL 16-09 (Posted March 14, 2019)  

Understanding WIOA Priority of Service(Running Time 12:00. Posted 04/03/18). The Priority of Service training explains the two different forms of Priority of Service, Veterans and Low-Income, and the requirements for each.  There will be a walkthrough of how Priority of Service is to be implemented with each customer and gives examples to explain each requirement. Supporting documentation mentioned in this recording are Veteran Program Letters: 13-14, Change 1 and Change 2, 04-14, and 08-14 which can be viewed at: DOL Veteran Program Letter Directory (VPL)  

WIOA Policy Letter WIOAPL 15-20.2: Priority of Service for Veterans and Eligible Spouses.

Serving Customers with Disabilities page contains a list of resources. At Your Service: Welcoming Customers with Disabilities offers a free, self-paced web course training for those interested in discovering best practices for working with customers who have disabilities. This web course was created as a training tool for Customer Service Representatives employed at DOL One-Stop Centers and for Navigators in the Disability Program Navigator Initiative.

Serving Justice-Involved Individuals page provides information and a series of modules to learn about workforce programs and resources meant to assist incarcerated individuals and restored citizens.

The following links provide free information and training on working with individuals with Autism spectrum disorder.

To learn more about autism, click here.

The Ocali Lifespan Transition Center has a series of short videos called "Take 5" which can be found here. These videos have practical tips for supporting those with Autism spectrum disorder.

Autism Certification Center offers introductory and in-depth training. The "Many Faces of Autism" and the course in the "Foundations" series may be of interest to those who work with young adults entering the workforce. Individuals will simply create an account and start the videos.  To begin, please click on this link

Local Area Data Sharing Agreements

SFY22-23 Data Sharing Agreement Training - This training is required for all persons authorized to view or use data shared under the current data agreement between ODJFS and the 20 Local Workforce Development Areas. This includes RESEA Staff with access to UI Claimant data available in ARIES. This training covers the following topics: Data Sharing Process, Reports Shared & Allowable Uses, Data Destructions & Best Practices Reporting and Data Security & Breech Process.


CCMEP, Ohio's Comprehensive Case Management and Employment Program  provides employment and training services to eligible, low-income individuals based on a comprehensive assessment of employment and training needs, as well as a basic skills assessment. Check out the training page and question and answer section.

Ohio Unemployment Insurance Operations (OUIO)

UI Resources for County Partners - This video will cover OH|ID Claimant Credentialing processes, claimant help resources (live chat from claimant view and phone scheduler) and Internet resources (SharePoint, Worker's Guide to UI).

Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker (MSFW)  

MSFW Complaint Procedures - An overview of the Migrant Seasonal Farmworker Employment Service & Employment Related Law Complaint Procedures. 

SNAP Employment and Training and Workforce Partnerships

This training presented by the Seattle Jobs Initiative (SJI) outlines partnership opportunities for the public workforce system at the local level and the SNAP Employment and Training Program. (June 30, 2022).

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