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Rapid Response Forms and Files  

If any of the links below do not work, they can be downloaded by visiting ODJFS Forms Central  and typing in the form number shown in the table below. 

Please report any broken links to rapdresp@jfs.ohio.gov.

Policy Letter, Procedure Manual and Q&A  

Name  Format  Updated  
Policies are listed on OWD Policy page and will take you to eManuals    N/A  various
WARN Application Process
Name  Format  Updated  
WARN decision flowchartPDF   10/2018
Forms for Gathering OhioRED Event Data
Form Name  Form #  Format     Updated  
Rapid Response Initial Contact JFS 01810  PDF  10/2018
Rapid Response Employer Characteristics JFS 01811  PDF  10/2018
Rapid Response Post Initial Meeting JFS 01812  PDF  11/2017
Rapid Response Post Orientation JFS 01814  PDF  11/2017
Rapid Response Emergency Assistance Funds Application
Form Name  Form #  Format  Updated  
Layoff or Closure Event Service PlanJFS 18126  PDF05/2018
Layoff AversionJFS 01815  PDF 04/2019
Rapid Response Workforce Survey
(Must include cover sheet when submitting surveys to Central Office for data entry)
Form Name  Form #  Formats  Updated  
RR Workforce Event Data Coversheet (Survey Cover Sheet)JFS 18125  PDF 10/2018
Ohio RR Event Data (Survey)JFS 08124  PDF 10/2013