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OJT Forms and Templates

The information and forms serve as a general guide for Ohio’s local areas. Some forms are simply to be considered samples.  Others, as indicated on the form templates, are to be incorporated into existing local forms, as required by the ODJFS OJT Comprehensive Policy.  Several forms are used by Trade program staff at the local level.  Please note that all questions on the forms marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory according to regulations.
OJT Guidance Manual  

Employer Information Form (shared by both WIOA and Trade)Training Invoice - Retention Period  
Training Agreement (WIOA only)Training Exception Request  
Training Requirements (shared by both WIOA and Trade)WIA-Trade Transition Form (required by both WIOA and Trade)
Training Plan (shared by both WIOA and Trade)Employer OJT Monitoring Form  
Training Plan Modification (WIOA only)Trainee OJT Monitoring Form  
Training Invoice - Training Period   

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 Last updated: 11/28/2017