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WIOA Implementation

This page covers the designation of Local Areas, historical and current funding in the area, handouts, waivers, and external links to additional resources.   

WIOA provides Ohio new opportunities to:

• Advance partner linkages through state, regional, and local planning
• Increase return on investment through performance criteria and integrated case management system through core programs
• Enrich services to customers by serving individuals with barriers to employment, including individuals with disabilities and through the use of career pathways, especially for disengaged young adults
• Enhance service delivery through the procurement of the OhioMeansJobs Center operators, certification of the OhioMeansJobs Centers, and the designation of local areas

Designation of Local Areas
Chief Elected Officials' Workforce Development Area Designation Packet
Notice of Changes to the Designation Process and Timelines
Links and Tools to Resource Information
Map of JobsOhio Network
Metropolitan and Micropolitan Statistical Areas
Civilian Labor Force Estimates Annual Average
Ohio Metropolitan Statistical Areas
Ohio Unemployment Rates
JFS 00512 Workforce Development Area Designation Application

 Criteria for a local workforce development area

• The extent to which local areas have similar labor markets

Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) 
Combined Statistical Areas (CSAs) 
Workforce Commuting Patterns 
Census Information

• The extent to which local areas are consistent with regional economic development areas

Unemployment Rate 
JobsOhio Regions 
Number of Businesses in the Area 
Number of Job Openings in the Area 

• The extent to which local areas have the available Federal and non-Federal resources necessary to effectively administer WIOA activities, including appropriate education and training providers

Higher Education Centers in the Area
Aspire Providers in the Area
Ohio Vocational Technical Centers in the Area 

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)
OhioMeansJobs (One-Stop) System 
Local Areas, Regions, and Workforce Development Boards 
"What Should We Be Thinking About Now?"
New Opportunities Under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act  

Implementation - Waivers 
Waiver Decisions Based Upon the Implementation of WIOA 

OhioMeansJobs System Certification Phase 1
Overview of Certification (updated 12/10/2018)
Instructions and preparation (3 pages)
Measures Checklist (fillable MSWord form JFS 08044 OhioMeansJobs One-Stop System Certification)
Webinar: Guidance for Review Teams, Re: Measures Checklist
OhioMeansJobs System Certification Phase 2
In-person Mystery Shopper Survey 
Phone Mystery Shopper Survey 
OhioMeansJobs System Certification - Phase 2 Instructions (09/2018; 5 pages)

OhioMeansJobs System Certification Phase 3
OhioMeansJobs System Certification - Instructions
OhioMeansJobs System Certification - Benchmark Metrics (JFS 08029)
OhioMeansJobs System Certification - Benchmark Metrics Instructions (JFS 08029-I)
OhioMeansJobs System Certification - Balanced Scorecard (JFS 08028)
OhioMeansJobs Center Certification Phase 3 Kickoff Meeting
Certification FAQs
Comprehensive & Affiliate Requirements

Local Workforce Development Board Certification
Local Workforce Development Board Certification Process WIOAPL 15-17 
Subsequent Certification Application JFS 08105

Regional and Local Planning
Regional and Local Planning WIOAP 16-03
Attachment A - Workforce Regions
Attachment B - Ohio Labor Markets
Attachment C - Requirements for Local Planning
Attachment D - Requirements for Regional Plans

Additional WIOA Resources  
U.S. Department of Labor
Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education  
Rehabilitation Services Administration  

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Updated: 03/04/2022