Job & Family Services Office of Workforce Development
OhioMeansJobs Center Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

The Local Workforce Development Area Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is an agreement among Local Workforce Development Boards (LWDBs), Local Chief Elected Officials, Required and Non-Required partners in a Local Workforce Development Area negotiated in good faith per Section 121 of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.

The MOU outlines the roles and responsibilities of the parties and describes how the partners will share services and costs in the operation of the local workforce development system.

A new WIOA MOU template was developed through a collaboration among ODJFS, a committee of LWDB directors, and state partners. The final approved template is published below for use by all LWDBs.

    Did you know?
Ohio's One-Stop partners
share the costs of operating
 OhioMeansJobs Centers,
at least one in
every county.

Guidance on writing the MOU, a template, and sample attachments are provided to assist local areas in preparing MOU-compliant documents:
SFY 18 WIOA MOU Template Guide provides tips on how the template may be modified to reflect local needs (PDF)
SFY18 MOU Renewal Agreement template (MSWord)
Attachment A: Career Services (MSWord)

The OMJ Center Budget Planning spreadsheet is for planning and negotiation only - the MOU budget to be attached to the SFY18 MOU is the CFIS report titled “MOU Budget” (CFIS MOU Report #CT611).

Sample attachments:

1.  Attachment B: Employer work flow (PDF)
2.  Attachment B: Job Seeker work flow (PDF)
3.  Attachment C: Budget
4.  Attachment D: Infrastructure Funding Agreement (IFA): As referenced in the MOU, agreed-upon CT611 budget report will serve as the IFA.
5.  Attachment E: State-calculated infrastructure funding mechanism policy: implemented if agreement isn't reached or an area states it is at an impasse by May 31st.

CFIS Automated MOU Budget Step-by-Step Guide provides more detail on how to enter the MOU Budget and directions on how to print the CFIS MOU Report #CT611 to attach to the MOU.

CFIS Automated MOU Budget (PDF) information from the March 7, 2017 presentation. For State Fiscal Year 2018, the MOU budget will be automated in the state’s financial system (CFIS).

Completed and signed SFY18 MOU’s can be emailed to WIOAMOU@jfs.ohio.gov, and must include the SFY18 CFIS “MOU Budget” report which can be located as CFIS MOU Report #CT611.”

                                                                                                                                      Last updated: 10/16/2017