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Ohio's Comprehensive Case Management and Employment Program (CCMEP)

  CCMEP Services Matrix (02/13/2017)

  Training Calendar

Local partner agencies can request in-person or virtual "live" CCMEP training for their organization by completing the CCMEP Training/Technical Assistance Request form.

Virtual Training

CCMEP Overview, Program Services/Services Matrix, Case Management, Follow-Up, Monitoring 
    Virtual Training -  handout - Training (April 2020)  

Successful Case Management In a Virtual Environment
    handout - webinar (September 2021)

Entering an Individual Opportunity Plan (IOP) in OWCMS
    Training (July 2021)    

     Motivational Interviewing Series (July/August 2020)

            1. Philosophy and Overview
                     (handout) - webinar  
            2. How People Change
                     (handout) - webinar

            3. Core Skills Part 1
                     (handout) - webinar 

            4. Core Skills Part 2
                     (handout) - webinar 

     Youth Engagement Series (May 2020)
            1. Building a Motivational Orientation for CCMEP 
                     (handout) - webinar  

   2. Making Work Pay
            (handout) - webinar
   3. Engagement and Re-Engagement
            (handout) - webinar

   4. Post Placement, Retention and Career Growth
            (handout) - webinar  

     Fundamentals of the CCMEP Program

             Module 1 - Funding Services

             Module 2 - Program Eligibility Requirements

             Module 3 - Eligibility Determination
             Module 4 - Enrollment Process  

     2021 CCMEP Virtual Round Table 
Agenda for Day 1 & Day 2
     Day 1 - PowerPoint (July 2021)
            1. Engaging Youth Effectively

            2. CCMEP Services

            3. Outreach Strategies

            4. GOAL4IT! - What Goal 4It! Has Taught Me 

            5. Service Program Integration

     Day 2 - PowerPoint (July 2021)
            1. CCMEP Performance Metrics

            2. Monitoring Trends

            3. ARIES Update

            4. Secondary Traumatic Stress and the Cost of Caring
                Fact Sheet COVID;
                Policy Fact Sheet (ACEs)
                Fact Sheet (ACEs2) 

           5. High School Equivalent Program
                Live the Dream-Knox County handouts;
                DREAM Parenting;
                DREAM Crime;
                DREAM Disability;
                DREAM Foster;
                DREAM GED;
                DREAM Homeless.
            6. Policy Changes 

CCMEP Webinars

CCMEP Webinars are moving to a TEAMS live event platform. No pre-registration is required; a join link will be
 emailed before the session. To receive this link, click this form to submit your information.

Coaching to Empowerment: Developing Agency in Youth (Speaker: Natalie Kirk) and The Opioid Epidemic and Adolescents: Opportunities for Intervention (Speaker: Richard Massatti)
    (handout) - webinar (December 2021)

High School Diploma & High School Equivalency Success Rate - Delaware County; A.M.P. (Achieve More & Prosper) Youth Incentives - Franklin County; Ohio Department of High Education FAFSA & GEAR UP Program Updates
    (handout, Area 11 A.M.P. Incentive Matrix, Area 11 Incentives for Youth, Delaware County Case Load Tracker
     Rule Change Information Effective in Dec 2021 with Summary, Participant Outcome Group (POG)
     webinar (October 2021)

Learn, Innovate and Improve Implementation Model for Goal4 It! - Summit County; Connecting Workforce and Education - Portage County; Department of Health Parent Consultants
    (handout) - webinar (August 2021)

Performance Management Best Practices and Corrective Action Plans
    (handout) - webinar (July 2021)

Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC); Apprenticeship/Pre-Apprenticeship
    (handout) - webinar (June 2021)

ACCESS to Manufacturing Careers Program (a Cuyahoga pilot); Child Abuse and Neglect Awareness & Mandated Reporting; OMJ.com Youth Training
    (handout) - webinar (April 2021)   

Grow Detroit's Young Talent (GDYT summer work experiences; Stark & Tuscarawas Counties "Choose Your Path" outreach efforts; Geauga County's Covid work experiences
    (handout) - webinar (February 2021)

Compassion Fatigue and Trauma Informed Care  
    (handout) - webinar (January 2021)

CCMEP Updates, Warren County Outreach Efforts and Clark County's Work with "Emerging Professionals
    (handout, Covid work experience, WIOA Youth program and work activities,
     Strategies for youth workforce programs, Business Engagement, Mental Health toolkit) - webinar (December 2020)

ARIES Data Conversion, OMJ Review, Performance Cohorts and CCMEP Innovations 
    (handout) - webinar (October 2020)

WIOA & CCMEP Data Validation Training for Program Year 2018
    (QNA handout) - webinar (August 2020)

 FAFSA, EL Barrio: Virtual Recruitment Efforts and Lessons Learned, Exiting and Follow-up
    (handout) - webinar (August 2020)

 OWCMS Enhancement training with Performance Updates and Measurable Skill Gains FAQs
    (handout, Digital SYEP Toolkit, BIC Cognos Code Freeze info, CCMEP survey results) - webinar (June 2020)

 PY 2018 CCMEP Statistical Adjustment, Best Practices and Corrective Action Plan (CAP)
    (handout) - webinar (May 2020)

 Clark County Experiences, Spotlight on CCMEP Services, Fiscal Overview, Mobility Management (MM) 
    (handout, MM Contacts, MM and Regions) - webinar (May 2020)

 COVID-19 Guidance, Spotlight on CCMEP Services, Spotlight on OWCMS, Serving Youth Offenders 
    (handout) - webinar (April 2020)

 Spotlight on CCMEP Services, Proper Case Transfer Protocol, Mentoring & Compassion Fatigue
    (handout) - webinar (February 2020)

 Social Media - Part 2
    (handout) - webinar (January 2020)

 Social Media and Spotlight on CCMEP Services 
    (handoutSocial Media Guide) - webinar  (December 2019)

 Stable Accounts, Measurable Skill Gains 
    (handout) - webinar (October 2019)

 Ohio Department of Transportation's (ODOT) Mobility Managers Training
    (handout) (September 2019)

 OhioMeansJob Readiness Seal 
    (handout) - webinar (August 2019)

 Selecting a BSA, Exiting and Follow-Up, Meigs County
    (handout) - webinar (August 2019)

 CCMEP Performance (Credentials and MSG's) Guide, Northwest State and Job Corps 
    (handout) - webinar (June 2019) Q and A's from Webinar
 Bridges for CCMEP foster youth, Work Experience 
    (handout) - webinar (April 2019)

 CCMEP TANF State Hearings and WIOA Complaints Process 
    (handout) - webinar (February 2019)

 Case Management
    (handout) - webinar (February 2019)

 2nd Quarter After Exit Performance Measure
    (handout) - webinar (January 2019)

Training Resources

  Immigrant/Latino CCMEP Marketing Flyer in English (08/2021)
  Latino CCMEP Marketing Flyer in Spanish (08/2021)
  CCMEP Marketing Flyer (06/2021)
  Identifying High-Poverty Areas (07/2021) 
  Pre-Apprenticeship List (04/17/2020)
  Program Monitoring Guide (02/2020)
  IOP Update (12/18/2019)
  CCMEP Participant Exit Checklist (01/2021)
  TANF Allowability Chart (04/20/2018)
  CCMEP Fact Sheet (12/29/2017)
  Four Doors to CCMEP Eligibility - Desk Aid (11/16/2017)
Determination of Causal County Table (09/22/2016)

  Training for Workforce Professionals
  Performance and Reporting  
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