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How should enrollment into secondary and post-secondary education be entered in OWCMS for performance purposes? When a planned end date is expiring, do we have to end date it and add a new one, or can we work beyond the planned end date? Where do we document a new job for a current CCMEP participant? Where do we update TANF 6 month eligibility re-determination in OWCMS? A participant graduated during the 4th quarter after exit and OWCMS is showing an error and will not allow the credential to be entered.  Is there a workaround for this? Are case managers notified when services are changed in CLT, such as a service line is sent back? Are migrant seasonal farmworker youth eligible to participate in the CCMEP program? Are we able to enter future service dates in OWCMS? Can I ever see a negative set-aside in CFIS? Can individuals who have not received a service be exited from OWCMS? Can OWF work eligible participants have their CCMEP case placed on hold? Can services be funded for a program participant after exit from CCMEP? Can supportive services be issued during the 12-month follow up period in OWCMS? Can the close reason be changed on a case in OWCMS after closure has already happened? Could an individual’s current part-time job be considered work experience for CCMEP? Do closure reasons exist in OWCMS? Does OWCMS generate notices of adverse action (NOA) when someone is exited for a global exclusion reason like being deceased? Does a case in OWCMS exit based upon the actual end date on the last service or the job placement date? Does OWCMS have a function to assist with monitoring engagement frequency with program participants? For case notes, must the “Source” be documented accurately in OWCMS? How are wages calculated and entered for individuals who have multiple jobs during a quarter on the post exit and wages screen in OWCMS? How can I track the semi-annual TANF eligibility verification in OWCMS? How can income be updated in OWCMS for TANF recertifications? How can scores for TABE 9/10 be entered in OWCMS? How can staff or youth service provider gain access to OWCMS? How do I change funding in CLT, such as going from WIOA to TANF? How do I clear a line of service in CLT if the client is no long receiving or participating in the service? How do Lead Agencies request access to Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for OWCMS? How do we cancel the only service in OWCMS, for a CCMEP participant who failed to participate in the program? How do you we place a case on hold in OWCMS? How does set-aside work and how long is it available in CFIS? How is OWCMS and CLT related and how does the data transfer? How many years is a service line available in CLT? How should incentives be entered in OWCMS? How are follow up services entered in OWCMS? How can I add a skill gain for a participant who was exited? How do we get access to a program participant’s post exit and wages screen in OWCMS? How do we obtain TANF eligibility information from CRIS-E without a social security number in OWCMS? How do you enter activity hours in OWCMS for a program participant in Job Corps? How is achievement of a GED entered into OWCMS? How long can a program participant be placed on hold in OWCMS? If a participant is employed in two different jobs after exit, is information on both jobs required in OWCMS on the post exit and wages screen? If a participant was not attending school when enrolled but was entered in OWCMS as in-school, can the school status data in OWCMS be fixed? If a participant enters an in-school youth but then graduates high school during enrollment, is it correct to update in OWCMS the school status at exit to “High School Graduate”? If a participant returns to school the 4th quarter after exit, where should that information be entered in OWCMS? If an individual is employed at the time of enrollment should the employment be captured and tracked on the OMJ Employment Opportunities screen? If the basic skills assessment is not listed on the Literacy/Numeracy screen, where can the results be entered in OWCMS? In OWCMS, are the same services on the Program Follow-up drop-down list the same as they are listed on the Services and IOP screen? Is it a conflict of interest for fiscal to both approve CLT services and pay for the services? Is it appropriate to record post exit & wages performance information if a program participant becomes ineligible for TANF funding but is still eligible for WIOA funding? Is it mandatory to upload documents into OWCMS? Is the client ID the same as the seeker ID in CLT? Is there a corresponding activity for every service? Is it required that the OWCMS case notes feature be used? Is completion of the IOP and Comprehensive Assessment in OWCMS screens a requirement? Is there a field in OWCMS where a case manager indicates that a program participant has not received a diploma or credential? Is there a training on how to enter Case Notes into OWCMS? Is there a way to enter a measureable skill gains if it was not entered into OWCMS prior to exit? Is there a way to un-cancel services that have been canceled by accident? Is there a way to view Labor Exchange (LE) data when signed in under a WIOA office in OWCMS? Must a lead agency scan the CCMEP Comprehensive Assessment and IOP forms into OWCMS? Should case managers complete the “Wage Pathway” screen on the IOP? Under the Post Exit and Wages Screen Is the “date of placement” the day we verified the employment and/or education or the date the participant was actually placed in education or employment? What are lifetime limits in CLT and why can’t I have an annual limit?  Also, who sets the limits, the local agency or the WIOA Area? What are the different funding years in CFIS and how do I know which one to choose? What date is used when entering employment or education information during follow-up on the post exit and wages screen in OWCMS? What is ARIES and how will it impact CFIS and CLT? What Is CFIS and CLT? What is liquidation and why can’t I use liquidating funds to pay for current servicesin CLT? What is the appropriate way to track money spent on follow up services in OWCMS? What is the definition of a cultural barrier in OWCMS? What supportive service in OWCMS would cover the purchase of books for a college student? What are acceptable reasons to put a CCMEP participant on hold in OWCMS? What are the steps to receive a transferred case in OWCMS? What are the steps to transfer a case in OWCMS? What does “Exhausting OWF benefits within 2 years” in OWCMS signify? What is the difference between closing a case and exiting a case in OWCMS? What is the difference between the two services tabs listed in OWCMS? What is the URL to login to OWCMS? What should be entered into OWCMS for PRC in the “Begin Date” field? When can I start obligating funding in CLT? When do I approve, deny, or send back a client service in CLT? When do I close out a client in CLT and what happens if I close one in error? When should I post a service in CLT; the month the service is paid or the month the service occurs? When should the “Other TANF Eligible” button be checked “Yes” in OWCMS? Where can the exit notice be viewed in OWCMS? Where do I post follow up costs? Where do we enter job placement and employment information in OWCMS? Where should basic skills assessment results be entered in OWCMS? Where should we capture educational functioning level (EFL) gains in OWCMS? Where do we add a high school diploma since recent OWCMS changers removed the educational history tab? Where do we enter information on an existing High School Diploma or GED in OWCMS? Where should job placement information be entered in OWCMS? Who do I contact to add a new vendor in CLT? Why can CLT and OWCMS have different dates for services? Why do I need a separate line for each service payment in CLT?  Is this related to duplicate service lines? Why does a participant’s case show as “exited” on the basic intake screen, but appears as “open” on the case history screen in OWCMS?