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Are CCMEP participants who are participating in a subsidized work experience; and considered a "trainee", to the employer, entitled to fringe benefits offered by the employer? Are CCMEP participants, who are participating in a subsidized work experience; and considered an "employee" to the employer entitled to fringe benefits offered by the employer? Are lead agencies permitted to use CCMEP funds to run a summer only youth program? Are we prohibited from placing youth in work experience with employers who have employees temporarily or permanently laid off, using WIOA and/or TANF funds? Are youth in work experiences affected by COVID-19 able to continue to receive wages? Are lead agencies permitted to purchase uniforms for youth who are working for a youth provider during the summer months? Can a case manager be a participant's work site supervisor? Can a participant participate in a work experience at a work site owned by a relative? Can a relative be a participant's work site supervisor? Can medical related expenses be paid for with WIOA or TANF funding for a participant who is participating in a work experience? Can someone who is currently working and receiving an un-subsidized wage through independent employment also be permitted to have a subsidized work experience service while participating in CCMEP? Can the lead agency provide summer employment services through CCMEP? Can a church or other types of house of worship be used as a site for paid work experiences? Do you need to have a worksite agreement for summer youth employment? How should current work experiences proceed during COVID-19 restrictions? How long is a work permit valid for a minor youth? Is income earned through a subsidized work experience in the CCMEP program taxable? Is there a time limitation for WIOA youth funded work experiences? Is a signed worksite agreement between the employer, lead agency or youth provider and the participant required for a work experience? Is a worksite agreement required for all OJT contracts? Is it allowable to use the OMJ Center as a worksite for paid and unpaid work experience activities? Is overtime allowed to be paid to CCMEP program participants who are participating in a work experience service? Is unemployment insurance (UI) required to be paid by contracted providers for participants in a paid work experience? Is workers compensation insurance required by employers who are providing work experience for CCMEP participants? Must lead agencies have worksite agreements in place?  At a minimum, what should be included in one? Should states or local areas suspend all youth work experience during this crisis, or determine the best course of action depending on the youth and employer situations? What work experience options can lead agencies use during COVID-19 restrictions? What activities are under the category of work experience in CCMEP? What does the Lead Agency subsidize when a participant is working at a paid work experience site getting an hourly wage and tips? What service category is unsubsidized employment under? Who is responsible for the SERS membership dues for a CCMEP participant who is in a work experience with a government entity? Will relief on the out-of-school youth (OSY) 20% Work Experience expenditure requirement be provided by DOL?