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Are participants required to be enrolled in CCMEP & OWCMS if they are only participating in a separate completely TANF funded summer youth employment program? Can CCMEP funds be used to hire a tutor to help a participant failing a class? Can CCMEP funds be used to pay for classes that do not immediately result in an industry recognized credential? Can CCMEP funds be used to pay off debt which prohibits a participant from attending school? Can ITAs be offered to participants who are in-school? Can we use tutoring and study skills as a service when the program participant is only working on basic skills? Can a CCMEP program participant receive TANF-funded services from one county and WIOA-funded services from another county? Can a participant be assigned to a work experience with a local government agency? Can a participant be assigned to a work experience with a local political campaign? Can case management be considered a service in CCMEP? Can CCMEP TANF/WIOA funds be used for a mechanic to inspect a car before purchase? How can CCMEP provide services and activities for participants during the COVID-19 stay-at-home restrictions? How do we cancel services for a participant who was not eligible for CCMEP TANF nor CCMEP WIOA funding? If a CCMEP participant is enrolled in a short-term (i.e., several months) apprenticeship program that is conducted outside of a reasonable commuting distance can CCMEP cover the cost of room and board? Is there flexibility to offer academic courses and/or training in a distance learning platform? Is a program participant served by their county of residence or their county of temporary or permanent custody? Is the cost of transportation for childcare an allowable expense? Is there an example of a Work Site Agreement? No, however if a participant is enrolled in a TANF summer youth employment program, the participant should be assessed at the end of the program if enrolling in CCMEP would be beneficial to the participant. At that time the participant could be enrolled into CCMEP. (See Family Assistance Letter 183). What resources are available to serve Ohio’s Youth during COVID-19 restrictions? What are the academic and occupational education components of work experience? What is WIET? When transferring a CCMEP program participant from one Ohio county to another, does the Lead Agency close all of the participant’s services in OWCMS? When selecting apprenticeship in OWCMS does the apprenticeship have to be a registered apprenticeship or is there another WIOA definition of apprenticeship? Where is the CCMEP Services Matrix located?