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Are High School graduates eligible for Education Functioning Level (EFL) gains for performance? Are participants who are only funded by TANF included in the state’s CCMEP performance report? Can a foster care program participant be excluded from performance measures when they cannot be located? Can report cards be used for measurable skills gain? Can we exit secondary school participants who are continuing in secondary school and receive a positive "At Exit" performance measure? Can WEP be considered employment for post exit performance purposes for a case where someone re-enrolls in CCMEP? Can a second TABE test be used as a measurable skill gain if the score increases? Can credit hours earned by a new participant be counted as a skill gain if the participant was enrolled in WIOA/CCMEP for a portion of the same semester? Can tutoring be used for a measurable skills gain instead of credential attainment? Does choosing one of the four exit reasons correctly in OWCMS affect performance measures? Does the WIOA statistical adjustment model address unusual situations such as what we are experiencing now with COVID-19? Does new employment obtained prior to CCMEP enrollment affect the job placement performance measure? Does the outcome of a service affect performance measures? For measurable skills gain purposes, how can post-secondary “clock” hours be converted to semester hours? For measurable skills gain purposes, how can secondary “clock” hours in a grading period be converted to semester hours? How can you find out which certifications count as an industry-recognized credential? How is wage record data collected? How are performance measures affected if a program participant moves to a new county in Ohio? How does an in-school youth (ISY) achieve a measurable skill gain? How is a measurable skills gain documented for someone who obtained their GED during enrollment? How many credentials need to be earned by a program participant to be successful in the credential attainment measure? If a CCMEP WIOA foster youth has been transferred to another county, or has moved into another foster home/care provider is it appropriate to use the “Global Exclusion”? If a participant is exited because they are not eligible for TANF or WIOA youth funding, is follow-up engagement required? If an individual is found to be basic skills deficient how often must you retest an individual with a basic skills assessment? If a program participant chooses to no longer participate in CCMEP and is exited from the program, will this negatively affect performance? If a program participant is dual enrolled in CCMEP and the WIOA Adult program, are they included in both performance measures? If a program participant is dual enrolled in CCMEP and the WIOA Adult program, are they included in both performance measures? If multiple tests were taken and a measurable skills gain was not achieved, is the result compared to the original test or the most recent test? Is a 10 hour Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) certification considered an industry-recognized credential for CCMEP measureable skills gain? Is a transcript showing that the program participant passed the required number of credit hours sufficient for a measurable skills gain? Is there a way to determine when a participant will be included in a performance measure? Must program participants take all parts of the TABE assessment? What documentation is needed to document post-secondary attendance after exit? What resources are available to determine whether a credential qualifies as an industry recognized credential? What steps will ODJFS take to account for a decrease in performance across local areas as CCMEP services are disrupted for a significant period of time during the pandemic? Will lead agencies be penalized for performance issues? What are the CCMEP primary performance measures? What are the consequences of failing CCMEP performance measures? What credentials can be counted in the credential attainment performance measure? When an individual only shows a measurable skill gain in one area of the TABE does it still count for measurable skills gain? When gathering information during follow-up, what are the documentation requirements for the credential attainment performance measure? When a case is transferred to a new county, is the new county responsible for performance measures for this case? When is a CCMEP program participant included in WIOA Youth performance measures? When is a program participant included in CCMEP performance measures? When should follow-up TABE tests be taken for a measurable skills gain? Where can lead agencies find the credential classification checklist template? Which exit reason in OWCMS counts as a positive for the performance measure, “Employment, training, or education at exit”? Which program participants are excluded from CCMEP performance measures? Who is accountable for CCMEP performance measures? Who is the measurable skills gain rate for? Why is a WIOA in-school participant that is not currently attending school or in an education service included in the MSG and credential attainment measure? Will the post exit and wages be affected for a program participant whose employer changed names? With COVID-19 many participants reduced studies to part-time hours. Can part-time hours count towards a skill gain if they received a report card? What if it was only pass/fail? Would a certificate for participation in a financial literacy training count as a skills gain under training milestone or skills progression? Would the percentage of monthly completion from for an online high school diploma program count as a skills progression?