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What funding cost pool does CCMEP marketing and outreach get charged to?  


Outreach costs should be directly charged to the program that will benefit from the outreach. If the outreach is targeted to youth who are low-income or have barriers ages 14-24, the cost should be split between CCMEP WIOA Youth and CCMEP TANF program funds using some reasonable method to split the cost such as participant counts. Outreach costs that benefit one program cannot be added to a cost pool where other unrelated funding streams pay a share. Reasonable advertising including social media advertising costs are an allowable expense. Any tangible items purchased that may have some outreach/marketing benefit must have a primary purpose of related to a CCMEP service (e.g., providing folios with notepads for participants for a job fair). Purchasing logo items with a primary marketing purpose are not allowable (e.g., mugs, etc.).