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Who is a CCMEP out-of-school youth participant?

An out-of-school youth is an individual who is not attending any school; not younger than sixteen years or older than age twenty-four years; and has one or more of the following barriers:

1. School dropout

2. A youth who is within the age of compulsory school attendance but has not attended school for at least the most recent complete school year calendar quarter

3. A recipient of a secondary school diploma or its recognized equivalent who is a low income individual and is basic skills deficient or an english language learner

4. Offender

5. Homeless or a runaway

6. An individual in foster care or has aged out of the foster care system or left for kinship care of adoption

7. An individual who is pregnant or parenting (may be the custodial or non-custodial mother or father)

8. An individual with a disability or

9. A low-income individual who requires additional assistance.