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When an individual owes the cost of receiving fraudulent TANF assistance, can they receive CCMEP services? 20 percent of WIOA funds spent on youth services must be spent on paid and unpaid employment. Does this also hold true to TANF funds in CCMEP? Are lead agencies permitted to purchase a vehicle for the agency using CCMEP TANF Funds to use to transport program participants to summer work experiences? Can a minor foster child be eligible for TANF funded services in CCMEP? Can CCMEP TANF funds be used to pay for a credit report? Can TANF cover past due lunch fees preventing a participant from receiving his/her diploma? Does TANF funding require procurement? Does an intentional program violation (IPV) in another household member’s name make the youth ineligible for TANF funded CCMEP services? Does in-school and out-of-school status matter when determining TANF funding eligibility? Does it matter whether employment is subsidized or unsubsidized with regard to the definition of TANF assistance? How do we define family size for TANF eligibility for income counting purposes? If an individual is referred to CCMEP as an OWF recipient, what is their funding source during the CCMEP intake? If it desired, could a county use its TANF Regular allocation to fund a youth subsidized employment program for non‐CCMEP eligible individuals at the end of the Summer Youth Program? Is TANF funding tied to the county of residence? Is gross income for the past 30 days or projected 30 days used for TANF funding eligibility? Is utilizing TANF funding for juvenile justice services allowable? May a WIOA Fiscal Agent retain CCMEP TANF administrative funds? Rule 5101:9‐5‐01 states "When a Workforce Development Agency (WDA) serves as the lead agency, up to ten percent of the CCMEP TANF administrative allocation may be retained at the WIOA fiscal agent level for administrative costs." Does this mean that, if the lead agency is a CDJFS, the WIOA fiscal agent will NOT retain a portion of the TANF administrative allocation, since that wasn't specifically addressed in the rule? What are the four purposes of TANF? What are the Federal Poverty Levels for TANF funding eligibility for CCMEP? What is the method of conducting the semi-annual TANF funding eligibility process? Where can a case manager find guidance to avoid providing TANF assistance while serving CCMEP program participants? Will there be post allocated adjustments available between TANF Regular/Admin and TANF CCMEP/Admin?