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Is a refrigerator an allowable purchase? Are individual development accounts (IDAs) allowed in CCMEP? Are participants who are not currently eligible for federal financial aid, (e.g., Pell grant, student loans) permitted to receive funding from CCMEP to pay for their education or training related costs Are there any restrictions regarding utilizing religious organizations to provide services for CCMEP? Can car payments be made with CCMEP funds? Can CCMEP funds be transferred from one county Lead Agency to another county Lead Agency? Can CCMEP funds be used to fund post-secondary training? Can CCMEP pay for a bachelor’s (4-year) degree? Can funds from the WIOA Youth program be transferred to the WIOA Dislocated Worker program? Can grantees use funds to purchase cleaning supplies Can CCMEP cover the cost of fees for summer school classes at the secondary level? Can CCMEP funds be used to pay tuition for post-secondary programs (i.e., associate degree, industry-recognized-credential, etc.)? Can CCMEP funds be utilized to pay for incumbent worker training services for an employer? Do TANF or WIOA funds allow payment for a management fee? Does an individual have to be eligible for both TANF-funded services and WIOA-funded services to participate in CCMEP? How does subsidized employment income for CCMEP participants impact Medicaid? If a caseworker gets an Random Moment Sample (RMS) hit during determination of eligibility for CCMEP services what funding source (RMS code) should they choose when they complete the RMS? If earmarks of existing allocations are to be utilized for CCMEP, how much flexibility will there be between the allocations, if any? Additionally, will there be the opportunity to obtain additional funds for CCMEP if needed? If services are disrupted for a few weeks, will WIOA Youth grantees be able to extend the period of performance to complete all planned grant activities? If we hire a caseworker to do only CCMEP TANF or CCMEP WIOA youth, can we direct charge this caseworker's salary and fringe? If a program participant is eligible for both WIOA and TANF funding, what funding stream do we use to pay for their services? If an after school program was implemented, can snack/food be purchased with CCMEP funds for the kids? Is there a life time limit to the funds that can be spent on a CCMEP participant? Since CCMEP funds are made up of TANF and WIOA funds, are the allowable costs for CCMEP the same as those for regular TANF and WIOA allocations? If not, where can we find the allowable costs for CCMEP? Since there are four allocations combined for the CCMEP effort, how are we to track expenses against each of the allocations? In other words, how are expenses to be allocated to each allocation? Some agencies pay their WIOA staff and overhead costs from the Public Assistance Fund (Income Maintenance or Social Services). Will CCMEP Random Moment Sample (RMS) codes map the same way the current WIOA codes map within the Public Assistance fund? Then we enter the expenses for RMS costs by doing a transfer from WIOA to Public Assistance the same as we do now, only using WIOA & CCMEP codes? Under what circumstances will a Workforce Development Agency (WDA) be required to establish a Public Assistance (PA) fund? What are the administrative definitions under TANF and WIOA? What are the CCMEP allocation lifecycles? What is the CCMEP allocation methodology? When does the TANF allocation to each county get distributed? When using WIOA funds, 85 percent of all Individual Training Accounts (ITAs) issued by a local workforce area must relate to a state in-demand occupation. Would the use of TANF funds for an ITA have the same restriction? Who will receive CCMEP TANF and CCMEP WIOA Youth allocations? Will WIOA Youth funding be received on time this year? WIOA requires that at least 75% of funds spent on youth services be used to serve out-of-school youth. Does this requirement also apply to TANF funds?