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If the CCMEP program participant fails to utilize services and is exited due to failure to cooperate, does the Lead Agency still need to provide follow-up services?

Yes. All program participants must receive some form of follow-up services described in paragraph (E)(9) of rule 5101:14-1-02of the Administrative Code, for a minimum duration of twelve months unless the participant declines to receive follow-up services or the participant cannot be located or contacted. All program participants shall be offered an opportunity to receive follow-up services that align with their individual opportunity plan (IOP). The lead agency shall document when a program participant cannot be located or contacted for follow-up services and when the program participant requests to opt out or discontinue follow-up services in the Ohio workforce case management system. Follow-up services may be provided beyond twelve months at the discretion of the lead agency. OAC rule 5101:14-1-06. (Updated: 12/12/17)