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Can a summer youth work experience participant be successfully exited at the end of summer? Can an exited case be re-opened? Can I exit someone without using the 4 exit reasons? Can a program participant who participated in summer employment but does not want to continue with services be exited from CCMEP after the summer? Can an exited CCMEP program participant re-enroll in the program? Does a program participant have to be exited if they start working with Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD)? Does becoming ineligible for TANF-funded CCMEP services constitute a valid exit reason? Does the Lead Agency send an exit notice of adverse action when the program participant exits CCMEP for a positive reason? If a dual-enrolled youth has a last day of service in CCMEP WIOA on one date and a different last date of service for CCMEP TANF, will both funding streams have the same exit date? If a program participant is enrolled in both CCMEP and the WIOA Adult program, would both service providers coordinate the same exit? If an individual does not want to continue in CCMEP, can they be exited in OWCMS? If a program participant engages in threatening behavior toward staff or other program participants, and there is a need to exit the youth from the program, which exit reason is used? Is the Lead Agency required to exit a program participant from CCMEP once one of the exit reasons exists? Is there a required format for exit notices? May a CCMEP Lead Agency exit a program participant because they have reached the age of 25? Regarding exiting a program participant after at least five engagement attempts, does each attempt need to happen after a certain timeframe? Should a CCMEP participant who moves out of state be exited from the program? What exit reason would be used? Should a program participant be exited if they no longer want to participate in CCMEP? What close reason is used for foster youth who moves out of the Workforce area? What exit reason should be selected for an in-school youth who no longer wants to participate? What is the exit reason for youth participants who do not want to continue in the CCMEP program after they complete the summer employment? What are the reasons to exit a program participant from CCMEP? When a participant in subsidized employment quits, gets fired or fails to keep contact, should they be exited? When an exited participant opts out of follow-up services, is engagement necessary during the 90-day exit period? When a program participant exceeds the CCMEP age limitation, must a Lead Agency exit the program participant? When should a fourteen year old CCMEP program participant be exited? When we are required to exit a participant that moved to another county, is the participant counted in our denominator if the other county does not update the IOP? What if they move out of state?