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Are CCMEP enrolled youth eligible for unemployment benefits? Are individuals enrolled in the WIOA Adult program required to participate in CCMEP? Are program participants required to be screened through the SSN verification website as part of the eligibility determination process? Can a participant who is enrolled in CCMEP also be enrolled in Job Corps? Can CCMEP participants be co-enrolled in the Dislocated Worker program? Can CCMEP participants be enrolled into the program based on the local area's PRC guidelines? Do all 3 work keys assessments need to be completed if using for the Basic Skills Assessment? Does using the TABE for eligibility reasons require the test be proctored? Does enrollment in CCMEP disqualify an individual from participation in the WIOA Adult program? For Out-of-School CCMEP youth and In-School youth, which type of assessment do we complete? If a 21-year-old individual does not have a documentable barrier to employment, can we enroll them in the WIOA Adult program instead of CCMEP? If an individual age 18-24 is referred to an OhioMeansJobs Center by an employer seeking an On-the-Job Training contract, is the center required to enroll them in CCMEP or can the center use the WIOA Adult program? Is it allowable to conduct the CCMEP assessment and complete the IOP over the phone and by mail? Must a LEAP individual in CCMEP complete the required documents for both LEAP and CCMEP? What is the cash authorization process for a LEAP/OWF work-eligible CCMEP individual? What standardized tests meet the basic skills assessment requirement? When is an individual considered to be enrolled in Comprehensive Case Management and Employment Program (CCMEP)? When should case managers sign and date the JFS 03002 WIOA Youth Eligibility Form?