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Are TABE test proctors required to be certified to administer the TABE test for CCMEP participants? Are the local agencies and service providers required to use OWCMS for the CCMEP Comprehensive Assessment? Are ALL CCMEP participants required to complete the comprehensive assessment before receiving any services? Are all individuals entering CCMEP required to receive a basic skills assessment? Can an additional assessment be given after the Individual Opportunity Plan (IOP) for CCMEP program participants? Can an IEP be used instead of a basic skills assessment? Can the comprehensive assessment be completed over the phone with a potential CCMEP individual? If so, what are the responsibilities of the case manager when this is allowable? Can an individual receive CCMEP services if the Comprehensive Assessment is not complete? Can an OWF work-eligible individual be sanctioned for failing to attend a CCMEP Comprehensive Assessment? Can the basic skills assessment requirement of the CCMEP Comprehensive Assessment be waived for any reason? Can the practice WorkKeys on the OMJ website be utilized as the basic skills assessment? Can WorkKeys be used as a basic skills assessment? Does a program participant need to complete a new CCMEP Comprehensive Assessment each year? Does the basic skills assessment test that is part of the CCMEP Comprehensive Assessment apply to WIOA-funded in-school youth only, or are all program participants required to take a test? Does the WorkKeys assessment count towards a measurable skill gain? How is the TABE Testing monitored? How long is the basic skills assessment valid? If a youth fails the TABE test is it mandatory they are tested every 6 months or until they pass? If an in-school youth is on an IEP with the school system are they still required to complete testing such as the TABE or an alternative option? Is the TABE locator an allowed assessment tool for the basic skills assessment? Must program participants who are severely disabled take a basic skills assessment? What are the approved basic skills assessments for CCMEP? What grade level is basic skills deficient? When must the CCMEP Comprehensive Assessment and IOP be completed? Which comprehensive assessment should I use for an in-school youth?