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Can a WIOA Adult be enrolled into CCMEP if they are under age 25? Can an Individualized Education Program (IEP) serve as documentation of a disability barrier for WIOA Youth eligibility? Can you clarify the "foster care" barrier eligibility guidelines under WIOA? Can a CCMEP program participant who received only WIOA-funded services lose his or her eligibility status after entering the program? Can a program participant’s school status be switched from in-school to out-of-school after graduation from secondary school? Can receipt of PRC be automatically considered “low income” for WIOA funding eligibility? Could a 504 plan for a youth be used to document a barrier for WIOA funding? Could a youth that is suspended/expelled indefinitely from school be eligible to participate in CCMEP? If so, would the youth be an in-school or out-of-school youth? Does an individual have to have a current Individualized Education Program (IEP) when determining a disability barrier for WIOA eligibility? Does completion of the JFS 03002 and OWCMS meet the relationship disclosure requirement for WIOA eligibility? Does WIOA youth enrollment require obtaining a birth certificate? For WIOA youth eligibility, do you need to document more than one barrier? How does WIOA define an individual with a disability? How is initial eligibility for TANF funding determined for a mandatory WIOA program participant? How is the 5% low income exception for WIOA Youth determined? How long is WIOA Youth eligibility valid? Is an individual that has been determined truant by the court an “offender”? Is an individual with a disability required to be low income for WIOA youth? Is a self-attestation form required with the JFS 03002 when determining eligibility for WIOA youth funding? Is an individual considered an in-school youth (ISY) if they have registered for post-secondary education classes? Is it necessary to capture screenshots of CRIS-E to prove income eligibility for CCMEP WIOA? Must a male over 18 with a documented disability still need to apply for a Selective Service number? Must an individual who wants to receive WIOA-funded services in CCMEP be low-income? What does “out of home placement” mean for a foster youth? What is countable and excluded income for WIOA youth? What are citizenship requirements for WIOA? What are the high poverty areas for low-income requirements under WIOA for CCMEP? What are the Poverty Income Guidelines and Lower Living Standard Income Level (LLSIL) for determining low-income status under WIOA for CCMEP? What documentation is required for WIOA eligibility? What information is needed to document low-income in a high poverty area? What is the definition of “offender” when determining eligibility for WIOA-funded services in CCMEP? What is the WIOA eligibility criteria for CCMEP? When determining “low income” for WIOA youth eligibility how does a case manager determine which poverty standard to use? Would a family that has/is receiving Supplemental Security Income in the past 6 months considered to be low income for WIOA youth eligibility?