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Are all LEAP participants required to participate in CCMEP? Are OWF work eligible CCMEP participants required to meet OWF work participation requirements when they turn age 25? Are two-parent OWF work-eligible individuals who meet the age requirements of CCMEP both required to participate in the CCMEP program? Can an OWF authorized representative complete and sign the IOP for a required work eligible CCMEP program participant? Do the COVID-19 stay-at-home restrictions apply to OWF work eligible CCMEP participants? Do the LEAP screens in CRIS-E need to be done for CCMEP LEAP required participants? How should AECCM be completed for a required OWF applicant? How does being pregnant affect CCMEP eligibility for an OWF work-eligible individual? If an OWF work-eligible CCMEP participant with unsubsidized employment quits a job, who determines if there was good cause for the job quit? If an OWF work-eligible individual has a documented medical restriction, should the individual still be referred to CCMEP? If an OWF work-eligible individual is a victim of domestic violence, should the individual still be referred to CCMEP? In a two work-eligible parent assistance group where one is CCMEP required and the other is OWF required and the OWF required parent completes all of the OWF required hours, does the CCMEP parent need to be assigned to complete 20 hours in CCMEP? Is an OWF work-eligible individual enrolled in CCMEP if the comprehensive assessment and IOP are completed but OWF is denied? Is an OWF work-eligible program participant in CCMEP required to participate even though all required hours are already being met through unsubsidized employment? Should all work-eligible individuals be referred to CCMEP regardless of participation status code? What does minor head of household mean under OWF? What is the new process for completion of the IOP and CCMEP Comprehensive Assessment including the basic skills assessment for OWF work-eligible individuals entering CCMEP?