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Who proctors and where can the TASC and HiSet tests be taken? 20 percent of WIOA funds spent on youth services must be spent on paid and unpaid employment. Does this also hold true to TANF funds in CCMEP? Can CCMEP funds be used to fund post-secondary training? Can CCMEP funds be used to pay for a job coach for participants while enrolled in the program? Can CCMEP WIOA and/or TANF funds cover mental health treatment or services? Can the standard weekly hours for a paid work experience activity be increased? Can CCMEP funds be used to pay for pre-apprenticeship programs sponsored by a school district? Can program participants who are currently employed in an unsubsidized job be served through subsidized employment instead with the same employer? Can TANF funds and WIOA funds pay for the same activities in CCMEP? Does a CCMEP employment or work experience site need to be located in the same county in which the program participant resides? Does TANF-funded training need to be in an in-demand occupation? Does the 12-month TANF limitation for subsidized employment paid to an employer apply to the lifetime of a youth? How are the CCMEP activities mapped to the CCMEP services? How often do hours completed in a paid activity have to be verified? How often do hours completed in an unpaid activity have to be verified? If a CCMEP program participant is in subsidized employment, will their wages count against the OWF and SNAP budget? Is receipt of OWF considered subsidized employment? Is there a maximum hourly wage for subsidized employment? What activities are provided by CCMEP? What is the Aspire program? What is the correct Work Experience service to use on the IOP for subsidized employment? What are examples of paid and unpaid work experience activities? What are some activities that can be assigned to pregnant or medically restricted program participants? What counts as a structured activity for adult mentoring? What if we cannot find an activity we want to offer a program participant on the CCMEP Services Matrix? What types of training activities are available to CCMEP program participants? When can CCMEP funded services and activities begin? When new employment is reported after enrollment does it need to be verified? When using WIOA funds, 85 percent of all Individual Training Accounts (ITAs) issued by a local workforce area must relate to a state in-demand occupation. Would the use of TANF funds for an ITA have the same restriction?