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NEW Quarterly Wage Reporting Tool
(Latest Version: 2.7.0; Updated: July 21, 2020)

* Efficient * Convenient * Saves Time * Improves Accuracy * Offline *

The Quarterly Wage Reporting Tool (QWRT) is an offline tool designed to help employers and third-party administrators (TPAs) manage employee data and file quarterly unemployment tax reports. QWRT allows users to import data from other sources to generate quarterly unemployment compensation wage reporting files in a format that is accepted by ODJFS.
QWRT saves time and improves accuracy by allowing employee names and Social Security numbers to be entered only once. Only the wages paid and weeks worked must be updated quarterly. QWRT also allows payments to be included in quarterly wage reporting files.   
The Quarterly Wage Reporting Tool’s import option offers convenience and reduces preparation time. Instead of directly entering data into QWRT, users may import data using the spreadsheet template provided with the tool, or from their own spreadsheet or CSV (comma separated value) files. Click here to view file format rules.  
After QWRT has generated a quarterly wage reporting file, that file can be quickly and securely uploaded to ODJFS through the Employer Resource Information Center (ERIC).
Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is required for the “Reports” feature to be used in the wage reporting tool.
Click on the “Download” logo below to download the wage reporting tool. When prompted, select “Run” to start the installation process.    


Click here to view Minimum System Requirements
for the Quarterly Wage Reporting Tool

For any questions related to QWRT, please email us at wageohio@odjfs.state.oh.us or call (614) 466-2319, ext. 22489.  
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Need other ways to file and pay?

Employers who have active accounts with ODJFS may file electronically using the Employer Resource Information Center (ERIC) at http://eric.ohio.gov or the Ohio Business Gateway
Ohio Business Gateway
Ohio Business Gateway provides small businesses with a way to report and pay multiple Ohio taxes through a single website.