Job & Family Services Office of Unemployment Insurance Operations
Correcting Quarterly Tax Reports

In Ohio, employers are required to file a complete Quarterly Tax Return each quarter. Instructions on how to correct information is shown below.

Correcting the Wage Detail
  • To file your amendment online, please visit the thesource.jfs.ohio.gov. You may enter values manually or by upload using one of three approved file formats. To view the specifications to upload an amendment file, please visit http://www.odjfs.state.oh.us/forms/num/JFS20233.
  • To file by paper, use a Request to Amend the Quarterly Tax Return (JFS-20129) to correct wage items.
    • A separate Request to Amend the Quarterly Tax Return (JFS-20129) must be submitted for each quarter being corrected.
    • Each employee record you wish to amend must contain a social security number, employee name, the data to be amended as originally reported, the corrected data and a reason code.
  • Do not re-list employee records previously submitted correctly.
  • Do not use negative figures to report changes in gross wages or weeks.
For assistance in filing wage detail amendments online, please contact the Contribution section at 614-466-2319.