Job & Family Services Office of Unemployment Insurance Operations
Labor Disputes

It is the responsibility of the Division of Tax & Employer Services to coordinate administrative procedures in determining the effect of a labor dispute on eligibility for unemployment compensation benefits.

Ohio law provides for two (2) different procedures depending on the number of workers idled by a labor dispute:

  • If the labor dispute relates to fewer than twenty-five (25) individuals no formal hearing is conducted, however the employer(s) and union(s) involved are sent questionnaires to gather facts on which to base decisions.
  • When there is reason to believe that the unemployment of twenty-five (25) or more individuals is related to a labor dispute, the Director within five (5) days shall schedule a hearing concerning the reason for unemployment. The Director shall issue the hearing officer's decision within ten (10) calendar days after the hearing is held.

To view Labor Disputes: https://jfs.ohio.gov/labordisputes/

Labor Dispute Section: (614) 752- 8419