Job & Family Services Office of Unemployment Insurance Operations
State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES) or SIDES E-Response

ODJFS offers new ways to report separation information electronically, for faster, more efficient and more secure processing. Developed through a strategic partnership between the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) and state unemployment insurance (UI) agencies, State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES) and SIDES E-Response provide a standard format also used by other states. The best option depends on the needs of each individual employer or third-party administrator (TPA).
What are the benefits of SIDES and SIDES E-Response?  

  • Both are offered to employers free of charge.
  • They reduce the volume of time-consuming follow-up phone calls, unnecessary appeals, postage costs, paperwork, and expenditure of staff resources.
  • Secure. Multiple layers of security protect the sensitive data exchanged between employers and State UI agencies.
  • Ensure accurate information exchanges. They ensure that complete information is provided through standard edits, validations, and business rules.
  • Save time. They are electronic, eliminating delays related to paper mail delivery, reducing paper handling, and ensuring information requests are fully completed.
  • Minimize UI rates. They help employers keep UI rates as low as possible by providing accurate, complete, and timely information.
  • Reduce overpayments. They help prevent two of the largest causes of UI overpayments: incorrect initial eligibility determinations on job separation issues and claimants working while receiving UI benefits. By ensuring that employers exchange timely, complete, and accurate information, they reduce UI overpayments and their negative impact on employers’ bottom lines. 

What are the differences between SIDES and SIDES E-Response and which one should I use?  

SIDES is a more automated data-exchange interface between employers’ IT systems and SIDES. It is designed for employers and TPAs that typically deal with a large volume of UI information requests and is especially helpful to those employers and TPAs that operate in multiple states. Employers and TPAs must integrate SIDES with their internal IT systems. SIDES E-Response is a website that provides an easy and efficient way to respond to UI information requests from state UI agencies and is ideal for employers and TPAs with a limited number of UI claims. SIDES E-Response requires a working Internet connection and someone to enter the requested information. No programming is needed. 

How do I register or learn more about SIDES and SIDES E-Response? 
Watch the videohttps://www.odjfs.state.oh.us/tutorials/OUIO/SIDES/SIDES.mp4 
To register, please email: EMPCHRG@jfs.ohio.gov.
To login, or for additional information, visit: http://info.uisides.org/
SIDES and SIDES E-Response Information Flyer (JFS 08071).
SIDES and SIDES E-Response Rack Card (JFS 20231).
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