Job & Family Services Office of Unemployment Insurance Operations

  Repay Overpayment  

The claimant is required to immediately repay the overpaid benefits and any mandatory penalty. Listed below are the methods available and information a claimant will need when submitting a repayment.

Note: If the overpayment is certified to the Attorney General of Ohio for collection activity, please contact them 888-246-0488 for repayment instructions or click here.
Repayment by mail:
To ensure proper credit, be sure to include the claimant’s ID (located on the overpayment determination) and/or the last four digits of social security number on any repayment.  Mail the repayment to:  

     Ohio Department of Job and Family Services
     P.O. Box 182059
     Columbus, Ohio 43218-2059

If you have any questions or concerns about making a repayment, please call 614-995-5691, option #3.