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Benefit Payment Control - FAQ - Claimants
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1.  How do I report information to your agency if I believe an individual is working and fraudulently claiming benefits?
You can make the report to Benefit Payment Control (BPC) by:

  • Clicking the REPORT FRAUD link on the right.
  • Calling the toll-free fraud hotline at 1-800-686-1555.
  • Sending an email to ucbenprotest@jfs.ohio.gov .
  • Sending a fax to 1-614-752-4808. or
  • Writing to:
    Benefit Payment Control, P.O. Box 1618, Columbus, OH 43219-1618

You are not required to provide your name when reporting possible fraud. However, if you do provide your name and telephone number, we can contact you for more details. Please provide as much information as possible so that the information can be fully investigated.

2.  Where did you get the information that I worked while receiving benefits?
We use a variety of technological tools to detect false statements and unreported earnings. These include:

  • New hire reports from employers.
  • Matches with employer's covered wages.
  • Public tips by telephone, mail, fax, or email. and
  • Cross-matches with other government records, such as worker's compensation and child support records.

Deliberately giving false information in order to receive benefits is a crime. It's not worth the risk! Avoid the possibility of criminal prosecution and/or stiff penalties by reporting your earnings and all other information honestly and accurately.

3.  I received a larger unemployment insurance payment than I should have. To what address should I send a check so I can repay the overpayment?
The check or money order should be made payable to the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services and mailed to the address below:

Ohio Department of Job and Family Services
P.O. Box 182059
Columbus, OH  43218
Be sure to include your Social Security number with your payment.
Overpayments not repaid in full within 66 days from the determination date may be referred to the Ohio Attorney General's office for collection.

4.  What happens if my overpayment has been referred to the Ohio Attorney General's office?
The Ohio Attorney General's office aggressively pursues repayment and uses a wide spectrum of legal options. The Attorney General's office can put liens against property, intercept entitlements such as state income tax refunds, and employ a myriad of other actions to get the money back.

5.  How can I be overpaid? I paid into this fund for years so it's my money.
Employees in Ohio do not pay into the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund. The Trust Fund is funded entirely with taxes paid by employers.

6.  I did not receive all the money you say I must pay back. Why do I have to pay back more than I received?
At the time you filed your unemployment insurance claim, you requested that federal taxes be withheld from your weekly benefit amount. The funds withheld were sent to the federal government on your behalf. You must repay these funds, as well as the money you actually received. When the funds withheld for tax purposes and sent to the federal government are repaid, you may claim a tax credit when you file your income tax report.

7.  I am unemployed. How can I pay back this money owed?
If you are presently unemployed, file a claim, and a determination will be made concerning your eligibility. If you are eligible, the weeks that you claim that are payable will be used to pay back your overpayment.

8.  What are some examples of unemployment fraud?
Here are some types of unemployment fraud:

  • Reporting to be actively seeking work but not actually doing so.
  • Failing to accurately report hours of work and earnings.
  • Working while collecting unemployment benefits and not reporting it.
  • Falsifying information or failing to disclose information.
  • Failing to be able and available to work (for example, being out of the area or on vacation) while collecting benefits.
  • Not reporting cash wages.
  • Using another person's identity (for example, their name and Social Security number) to file fraudulent claims.
  • Stealing someone's mail - a federal crime - and cashing their unemployment checks. 
  • Aiding someone in filing a fraudulent claim. 

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