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ODJFS Service Level Agreement Program FY 2012-2013



The current SLA V6.0 for FY 2012-2013 will be extended for an additional 6 months.

OIS has embarked upon a tremendous technology modernization initiative which is taking place across the entire ODJFS network including implementation of Microsoft Active Directory and Windows 7. In addition, we are currently operating in a transformation period to align ODJFS with IT Optimization efforts which introduce SLA complexity associated with IT applications & services along with consolidation & standardization of IT infrastructure.  During this transition, we will be formulating and identifying our final SLA service delivery offerings and associated support responsibilities.

During this time, it is difficult to accurately determine and define the new SLA terms with the appropriate support roles and responsibilities. Therefore, OIS has determined that both county and state IT entities would be better served by extending the current SLA for a period of 6 months. Please see the letter below. OIS is requesting the letter be signed by the County Agency director and returned to OIS. This acceptance letter acknowledging a 6 month extension will be kept on file with your current SLA v6.0 for FY 2012-2013.

 Your signed copy can be returned by email to  SLA_Program@jfs.ohio.gov, by fax to 614-387-8127 or by mail to ODJFS-OIS SLA Program 4200 E. Fifth Ave, Columbus OH 43219If you have any questions or concerns please contact Kaye Peters, SLA program Administrator.

  NewImage(1)  SLA Extension Letter 


ODJFS Office of Information Services (OIS) has developed a new Service Level Agreement (SLA version 6.0) for Fiscal Year 2012-2013. The SLA Program is a part of OIS' commitment to customer service and represents our continued effort to improve service delivery to our County Agency partners. The Negotiated Service Level Agreement (SLA N) version 2.0 and Technology and Service Support Policy version 4.0 for Fiscal Year 2012-2013 are also available for your review.


SLAs are documents of understanding between OIS and the County Agency. The purpose of the SLA Program is to define expectations between OIS and the County Agency to determine the appropriate level of service relating to information technology (IT) system response and availability, quantity of work processed, delineation of duties, and service support.


 County Participation
APM OAC 5101:9-9-15 defines the SLA and requires that a County Agency enter into an SLA with ODJFS OIS. All current SLAs expired on June 30, 2011. County Agency Director's elect a service level appropriate to their needs and SLA requirements and mail two (2) signed originals of the SLA.13 Signature Document and County Agency Specific Information to: The SLA Program, ODJFS OIS, 4200 E. Fifth Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43219. Service Level Agreement (SLA) Version 6.0 for FY 2012-2013 will become effective when the signatures of the county agency director and the ODJFS Chief Information Officer (CIO) of OIS are affixed to the sign-off page.


County Agency Director's who elect and are eligible to enter into the Negotiated Service Level Agreement (SLA N) should contact Larry Lynch, OIS County Client Partner, at 614/387-8225, to begin the negotiation process. The Negotiated Service Level Agreement (SLA N) Version 2.0 will become effective when the signatures of the county agency director and ODJFS Chief Information Officer (CIO) of OIS are affixed to the signed agreement. SLA N is defined in a separate document entitled SLA "N" FY 2012-2013 version 2.0.


SLA version 6.0, SLA N version 2.0 and TSSP version 4.0 completed the Clearance Process in June 2011. Based on the comments received, OIS made no revisions to the documentation. The revised, final version of the all SLA, SLA N and TSSP documentation has been posted here on the Internet.


 Getting Started
Please review the documentation and select the appropriate level for your County Agency, based on roles, responsibilities, and corresponding qualifications. Generally, the higher SLA level elected (1,2,3 or SLA "N") the more responsibility the County Agency assumes for managing the IT environment.


For SLA, the best place to start is SLA.00 Executive Summary. The Executive Summary provides information regarding the following:

  • What is a Service Level Agreement (SLA)?
  • Goals of SLA Program
  • SLA Levels 1, 2, 3 and SLA "N" Definition
  • Why SLAs are Important
  • Duration of SLAs

Another good resource in SLA is the Reference Table, available in subsection 1.7 of Section SLA.01-SLA Program: Introduction, SLA Processes, and General Conditions. The Reference Table provides OIS and County Agency responsibilities, at a glance, for the four levels of SLA (SLA 1, 2, 3 & SLA-N). The supporting documentation that further describes roles and responsibilities listed in the Reference Table is available in SLA.01 through SLA.14. Please visit the Documentation page.


 Next Steps
1.  Select the appropriate SLA level for your County Agency.
2.  Complete and send 2 paper copies of:

  •  SLA.13 Signature Document and County Agency Specific Information, signed by County Agency Director
  • Copy of Certified Novell Administrator (CNA), A+, N+, Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), or Cisco Network Administrator (CCNA) certificate(s) if electing a Level 2
  • Copy of CNE certificate(s) if electing a Level 3 or SLA "N" 
  • SLA N eligible County Agencies should contact Larry Lynch, OIS County Client Partner at 614/387-8225 to begin the negotiation process.

Note: All SLA documents mentioned on this page are available on the Documentation page.


OIS and the County Agency must agree on the appropriate SLA level in order to enter into a signed SLA. OIS representatives will be in contact with County Agencies should discussion regarding the appropriate SLA level for the County Agency need to take place. When both entities agree to the elected SLA level, OIS will return one of the two original documents with both the Agency Director and the OIS CIO's signature to the County Agency for their records.


 SLA Contact Information

 Address: ODJFS Office of Information Services
  SLA Program
  4200 E. Fifth Avenue
  Columbus, Ohio 43219
 Phone: 614-466-2303
 Fax: 614-752-6815
 Email:  SLA_Program (via GroupWise)
 Internet: https://jfs.ohio.gov/omis/sla/