Job & Family Services Office of Information Services
ODJFS/OIS Requests for Quotes (RFQ), Letterhead Solicitations, and Other Invitations

The purpose of this website is to provide potential vendors the opportunity to view Requests for Proposals (RFP), Requests for Letterhead Bid (RLB), Requests for Quotes (RFQ) and/or Requests for Information (RFI) that are being solicited by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS), Office of Information Services (OIS). Vendors can view each RFP/RLB/RFQ/RFI by clicking on their assigned contract number that appears to the left of the solicited goods/services. If interested in submitting a proposal/quote/information, please follow the instructions that are contained in that RFP/RLB/RFQ/RFI. Also, please follow each RFP/RLB/RFQ/RFI’s instructions as it pertains to questions and answers.

Current OIS RFP/RLB/RFQ/RFIs, ect.:           
Expired OIS RFP/RLB/RFQ/RFIs, ect.:
JFSRLBOIS14001  Bullet  Cable Installation Project
 JFSRLBOIS13004  BulletEmployee Business Services I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form ALERT: THIS RLB HAS BEEN CANCELED   
JFSRLBOIS13001BulletLazarus Room A401 & A501 AV Project
JFSRLBOIS13003BulletQuality Management System (QMS) 2.0 Project ALERT: THIS RLB HAS BEEN CANCELED
JFSRLBOIS12032BulletLazarus C621 Hearing Room AV Project
JFSRLBOIS12031BulletLarge Platform Build and Testing Project
JFSRLBOIS12030BulletChild Care CCIDS Project
JFSRLBOIS029BulletDot NET Programmer Analyst
JFSRLBOIS12028BulletActive Directory Project
JFSRLBOIS12027BulletVMWare Environment Consultants
JFSRLBOIS12026BulletSenior System Testing Analysts - ERIC  ALERT:  RE-POSTING
JFSRLBOIS12025BulletUC IVR Speech to Text Technology Project
JFSRLBOIS12023BulletSenior System Testing Analyst - OJI  ALERT: RE-POSTING
JFSRLBOIS12022BulletVMWare Environment Consultants ALERT: RE-POSTING
JFSRLBOIS12021BulletVMWare Environment Consultants ALERT: 10-27-2011...THIS RLB HAS BEEN CANCELED
JFSRLBOIS12020BulletBureau of Program Integrity / Web-Based Audit System
JFSRLBOIS12019BulletSenior System Testing Analysts - OJI ALERT: 11-4-2011...THIS RLB HAS BEEN CANCELED
JFSRLBOIS12018BulletSenior System Testing Analysts - ERIC  ALERT: THIS RLB HAS BEEN CANCELED
JFSRLBOIS12017BulletCobol Programmer Analyst - UC Data Validation ALERT: RE-POSTING
JFSRLBOIS12016 MITS Project Manager
JFSRLBOIS12015BulletOhio Job Insurance (OJI) Website Design Project
JFSRLBOIS12014BulletSenior COBOL Programmer Analysts
JFSRLBOIS12013BulletCobol Programmer Analyst - UC Data Validation ALERT: 8-18-2011...THIS RLB HAS BEEN CANCELED
JFSRLBOIS12012BulletHP Quick Test Professional Subject Matter Expert
JFSRLBOIS12011BulletReview Commission IT Consultant
JFSRLBOIS12010BulletClient Server WebSphere Systems Administrator ALERT: RE-POSTING
JFSRLBOIS12009BulletSenior System Testing Analyst-OJI
JFSRLBOIS12008BulletSenior System Analyst
JFSRLBOIS12007BulletRemedy Asset & Change Management Implementation Project
JFSRLBOIS12006BulletClient Server WebSphere Systems Administrator ALERT: 6-28-2011...THIS RLB HAS BEEN CANCELED
JFSRLBOIS12004BulletSenior Java Programmer / Analysts
JFSRLBOIS12003BulletHP Testing Suite Subject Matter Expert
JFSRLBOIS12002BulletCable Installation Project
JFSRLBOIS12001BulletProduction Control Resources
JFSRLBOIS11016BulletDocument Generation System Project
JFSRLBOIS11015Bullet(1) Senior UNIX (AIX) Systems Administrator
JFSRLBOIS11014BulletBureau of Program Integrity / Web-Based Audit System
JFSRLBOIS11012BulletSenior UNIX (AIX) Systems Administrator
JFSRLBOIS11011Bullet(2) Senior UNIX (AIX) Systems Administrators
JFSRLBOIS11010BulletHP Testing Suite Subject Matter Expert
JFSRLBOIS11009BulletClient Server WebSphere Systems Administrators
JFSRLBOIS11008BulletRemedy Administrator
JFSRLBOIS11007BulletOhio Job Insurance (OJI) Website Project
JFSRLBOIS11005BulletMedicaid Provider Incentive Program
JFSRLBOIS11004BulletHP Testing Suite SMEs
JFSRLBOIS11003BulletSenior Oracle Data Base Administrator
JFSRFIOIS11001BulletRequests for Information: JFS CMS HITECH Provider Incentive Payments
JFSRLBOIS11002BulletOJI Extended Benefits IT Consultants
JFSRLBOIS11001BulletSenior Client Server Systems Administrator
JFS-IS-10-14BulletFileNet Consultants
JFS-IS-10-13BulletWOTC - Economic Stimulas Project Consultant
JFS-IS-10-12BulletWOTC / REDD Consultants
JFS-IS-10-11BulletChild Care Project Manager
JFS-IS-10-09BulletWorkforce Development Consultants
JFS-IS-10-08_ABulletNational Access to Job Opportunity Data Project (Re-Posting)
JFS-IS-10-08BulletNational Access to Job Opportunity Data
JFS-IS-10-06BulletVirtual Video Orientation Project
JFS-IS-10-03BulletUCRC Validation Report Project
JFS-IS-10-02BulletPrinter Maintenance
JFS-IS-10-01BulletODJFS/OIS Cabling Service
JFSRFIOIS12001BulletTelephony and Contact Center Services