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OIS RFP: JFS-IS-10-08_A National Access to Job Oppurtunity Data
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 The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) is soliciting bids to identify a vendor who will provide national access to job opportunity data. This Request For Proposal (RFP) document is released by ODJFS, and the subsequent contract expected to result from this RFP process will be a contract between the vendor and ODJFS.

 The ODJFS Office of Information Services (OIS) will designate a staff member as the ODJFS Contract Manager to provide on-going supervision of the contractor selected through this RFP. The contract period for this project is expected to run from approximately January, 2010 to June 2011. Fiscal biennium extensions or renewals are planned for the contract expected to result from this RFP to be in effect, contingent upon satisfactory performance, and all required approvals for the subsequent fiscal biennium year (e.g., from July 2011 through June 2013). 

 ODJFS will only accept proposals from vendors that demonstrate their capability of providing services as described in this RFP. This RFP document is released by, and the subsequent contract will be with, ODJFS; the ODJFS Office of Information Services will be responsible for on-going supervision of the selected vendor’s services, activities, and performance. For the purpose of this RFP, the term ?vendor? shall be defined as an (organization/individual) interested in this opportunity. The term ?contractor? is used in reference to the successful vendor selected through this RFP.

 ODJFS is under no obligation to enter into a contract with any vendor as a result of this solicitation, if, in the opinion of ODJFS, none of the proposals are responsive to the objectives and needs of the Department. ODJFS reserves the right to not select any vendor should ODJFS decide not to proceed. Changes in this RFP of a material nature will be provided on the agency website. All vendors are responsible for obtaining any such changes without further notice by ODJFS.

 Actual RLB

Attachment C - Technical Proposal Score Sheet
Attachment D - Required Vendor Information and Certifications