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OIS RLB: JFS-IS-10-02 Printer Maintenance
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The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) through the Office of Information Systems (IS) is soliciting proposals for printer maintenance and service from vendors with approved Office of Information Technology (OIT) State Term Schedules (STS), or listed as an authorized dealer on an approved STS, that are authorized to provide IT/Data related services under their STS to provide printer maintenance or service on the Master Maintenance Agreement (MMA) at various ODJFS locations in the state of Ohio.  This will be a deliverable based contract with scope of work description as indicated in Section VI.  The vendor’s State Term Schedule must be approved by OIT by the time vendor bids are due on this project, in order to qualify for consideration.  State law will not allow a services contract to span fiscal years, therefore all deliverables and billing for this Request for Letterhead Bids (RLB) must be completed by June 30, 2010.

ODJFS has a wide area enterprise network that provides network connectivity to approximately 24,000 county and state employees. File, print and application services are delivered in every county in the State of Ohio.  Document printing is a critical requirement for the end users.  The subsequent contract will be with the ODJFS, Office of Information Systems, Bureau of Network Support.

 Actual RLB

Vendor Inquiries - Q & A: Updated 6/4/2009

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