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OIS RLB: JFS-IS-10-01 ODJFS/OIS Cabling Service
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The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) is soliciting bids to install telephone and data cables and perform industry standard testing at various ODJFS locations throughout the State of Ohio. This Request for Letterhead Bids (RLB) document is released by, and the subsequent contract will be with the ODJFS, Office of Management Information Systems.. This request will be used to establish an open State of Ohio Purchase Order for the purpose of supporting the relocation of staff in the various networked locations. This proposed work is for installation of cabling and telecommunications equipment for individual small relocations of employees and/or offices at various ODJFS sites. The number of installations of data and telephone will vary from one (1) to fifteen (15) or more, depending upon individual office requirements. It is expected that ODJFS may have up to two hundred (200) general installations through June 30, 2010.  There is no guarantee as to the amount of work to be performed or even that work will be performed under this RLB.

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