Job & Family Services Office of Legal and Acquisition Services

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) has created this website to give you the ability to review draft rules that ODJFS has determined might have an adverse impact on business as defined by Ohio Revised Code section 107.52. For example, a provision in any of the rules included on this website may have one or more of the following effects on business:

A. It may require a license, permit, or any other prior authorization to engage in or operate a line of business.

B. It may impose a criminal penalty, a civil penalty, or another sanction, or create a cause of action, for failure to comply with its terms.

C. It may require specific expenditures or the report of information as a condition of compliance.

D. It may reasonably be likely to reduce the revenue or increase the expenses of the lines of business to which it will apply or applies.

Once ODJFS has determined that one of its rules might have one or more of these adverse effects on business, it is required to complete a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) for that rule. On this website, you will find links that will open for you a PDF that includes the draft rule and the BIA associated with the rule.

Please note that the draft rules on this website have already been available for review through the ODJFS clearance process. The version of the rule made available on this website may differ from the version originally placed into clearance as a result of public comments, stakeholder input, or additional staff development of the rule since it was posted to the ODJFS clearance website. Where significant changes have been made since the completion of the clearance process, those changes will be described in the BIA associated with the rule.

If you would like to comment upon a rule or its BIA, please click the comment link to the right of the title of the proposed rule and the system will create an email for you to send your comments to ODJFS and the Governor’s Common Sense Initiative Office.  

Again, please keep in mind that this website is only for rules for which ODJFS has completed a BIA and intends to soon original file with the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review. Rules that do not have an adverse impact on business do not require the completion of a BIA and will not be posted to this website. If you are looking for the ODJFS clearance website, it is availablehere. The ODJFS clearance website will continue to be your source for early drafts of proposed ODJFS rules that may or may not have an adverse impact on business.








For more information about Ohio's Common Sense Initiative, visit the CSIO website.