Job & Family Services Office of Legislation
Assisting Constituents

The following steps will assist you when you have a constituent who may be eligible for services provided by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

In most cases, constituents should be directed to their county office because that is where public assistance is administered. A county case worker can determine the type(s) of services the constituent may be eligible for.
The county agencies are:

The state of Ohio and ODJFS provides help with employment assistance and unemployment compensation benefits:

Please note that we cannot provide case-specific protected health information (such as Medicaid or Disability Assistance) to third parties, and can only release these records to the applicant/recipient.

If you would like information about any other inquiries involving programs administered by ODJFS, please have the constituent complete the following form and fax it to the Office of Legislation at 614-728-0799, Authorization of Release of Information.