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EBT in Ohio Farmers' Markets


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The Office of Family Assistance is committed to improving Ohio's Food Assistance Program and the benefits offered to customers.  Through our commitment, our office is promoting the use of their Ohio Direction Card, so customers can shop at local farmers' markets for a healthier alternative of fresh, wholesome, locally grown foods.

Using your EBT card at a farmers’ market is easy. Watch the video below to learn more.  


When visiting The Farmers' Market  

When visiting your local farmers' market, pay close attention to whether any signs indicate the market accepts SNAP, EBT, and/or the Ohio Direction Card.  If there are no signs, visit the market's management office to get more information.  Pay close attention to the amount of scrip you receive from the market.  The amount should match what was debited from your Ohio Direction Card.  While shopping, be careful to safely store your scrip to prevent them from being lost or stolen.  These funds are treated like cash and will not be reimbursed if lost or stolen. Unused scrip normally can be used throughout the market season.

If the Ohio Direction Card (EBT) is not accepted at your local market, speak with the market manager about possibly accepting EBT at their market.  If they are interested, please refer them to our website or to the following link: https://www.fns.usda.gov/snap/farmer-producer.

Finding Your Local Participating Farmers' Market  

To find your local participating market, click on the link below for a county-by-county list of farmers' markets in Ohio that accepts the Ohio Direction card, so individuals and families receiving food assistance benefits can purchase fresh, locally grown food. To find markets in your county, click on your county in the following directory:

 Ohio Farmers' Market EBT Directory

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