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Either parent or guardian can ask for a change in the order. Child support orders can be reviewed every 36 months from the date the order was established or the date of the last review.

"Review" means a caseworker looks at both parties' income and information to see if child support should be changed or if health insurance should be added or changed.

"Adjustment" means an upward or downward change in the amount of child support based on the application of the Ohio guidelines. It also means adding or changing provisions for the child(ren)'s health care needs through health insurance.

Some orders can be reviewed sooner than the required time frame if certain circumstances are met. 

Common reasons for qualifying for a review and adjustment include the following:

  • You have been unemployed or laid off, through no fault of your own, for at least 30 consecutive days.
  • You have experienced at least a 30 percent decrease in gross income of income-producing assets for a  period of six  months because of circumstances beyond your control, and you expect that decrease to continue for an extended period of time.

Regardless of your circumstances, Ohio law entitles you to a review and adjustment of your support order if it has been 36 months or longer since the support order became effective or was last reviewed. With the administrative adjustment and review process, a CSEA will consider your case and present a recommendation for a possible adjustment. The amount you pay could go up, go down or stay the same. Effective July 1, 2008 all child support orders must include either covered medical insurance for children or the potential for additional cash payment if coverage is not available at a reasonable cost.

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Administrative Review and Adjustment Links & Resources
Want to know if you may be eligible for a review and adjustment? By clicking on the link, please review the following questionnaire:Review and Adjustment Eligibility Questionnaire

To request an administrative review, please contact your local CSEA or click on the link and complete the application for a review and adjustment (JFS 01849):Request for an Administrative Review of the Child Support Order*.

*Please note, if you chose to complete and print out the application by clicking on the link above, you do not have to complete the CSEA name/address information. However, you are required to complete all other fields including your name, address, case and order number, date application completed, the reason why you believe you qualify for a review and adjustment, along with your signature and telephone number.

To find the CSEA in your county, call 1-800-686-1556 or view:https://jfs.ohio.gov/County/County_Directory.pdf. Each of the state's 88 counties has a CSEA, staffed by people who are well-versed in Ohio laws, practices and who can answer your questions and explain your rights.

You may access the Ohio review and adjustment related frequently asked questions and answers at:https://jfs.ohio.gov/Ocs/OCSFAQs.stm.

The Ohio Administrative Code rules related to the administrative review and adjustment of a support order can be found at:http://codes.ohio.gov/oac/5101%3A12-60-05.

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Last Updated 03/18/2015