Job & Family Services Office of Communications
Records Requests

Public Records*  

Under Ohio law, you may request access to public records of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS). ODJFS supervises the state’s public assistance (cash assistance, food assistance and child care), child and adult protection, child support and workforce development programs. ODJFS also administers the unemployment insurance program.

Non-Public Records*  

Many of the records ODJFS holds are confidential except to certain people. For instance, identifying information regarding applicants for or recipients of services or benefits administered or supervised by ODJFS is confidential pursuant to federal and state law and regulation. These laws and regulations include Ohio Revised Code sections 149.43 (A) (I) (V), 5101.27 (public assistance), 5101.29 (child care and foster care), 3107.17 (adoption), 3125.50 (child support), 2151.421 (child abuse/neglect complaints), 2151.141 (county child abuse/neglect investigatory file), and 4141.21 (unemployment). For those records, we will need your name and other information to ensure that we are not breaking the law by providing them to you.

To Request Records Created or Maintained by ODJFS*

If you wish to request a record from ODJFS, please send an email to legal@jfs.ohio.gov. ODJFS does not accept subpoenas via email and may charge a fee for copying, packaging and mailing the records, including $.05 per page for paper copies or the cost of computer discs or other equipment needed to copy the information to an electronic medium. ODJFS also may charge for the cost of computer time if the information must be downloaded from a computer system.

If you are or were a recipient of cash, food or medical assistance, child support services, or child welfare services, and you are seeking your own records, you may also submit your request to the county department of job and family services, county child support enforcement agency, or county public children services agency in the county where you lived at the time you applied for or received assistance or services. Note: The county agency, like ODJFS, will need verification of your identity. For the address and phone number of your county agency, click here.

Your request should be as clear and as specific as possible, to help us find and provide your records in a timely manner. If you have questions about records maintained by ODJFS, please call (614) 466-4605.

*NOTE: With few exceptions, such as records created or maintained for purposes of conducting administrative hearings, ODJFS does not maintain MEDICAID RECORDS. In general, Medicaid-related records are created and maintained by the Ohio Department of Medicaid.

To request MEDICAID RECORDS in connection with a past or pending administrative hearing or appeal, go to: odjfs.state.oh.us/HearingsAppeals/

To request all other MEDICAID RECORDS, go to medicaid.ohio.gov/.