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Request for Alleged Perpetrator Search of Ohio's SACWIS Registry of Child Abuse and Neglect    

Ohio's SACWIS Registry of alleged perpetrators of Child Abuse and Neglect is a confidential database containing allegations of reports of child abuse and neglect and the parties involved.  Information contained in the SACWIS Registry is highly confidential and released only under strict guidelines set forth in federal and state rules and law.  

SACWIS Registry search confirms whether an individual has been named an Alleged Perpetrator for a Substantiated or Indicated report of child abuse or neglect. If the search reveals there are no reports associated with the individual’s name as an Alleged Perpetrator of child abuse or neglect, a “No Match” letter is provided.  If the search reveals a report(s) associated with the individual’s name as an Alleged Perpetrator of child abuse or neglect, a “Match” letter is provided. The “Match” letter confirms the individual as an alleged perpetrator and provides the date of each report, along with the allegation, case disposition (substantiated or indicated), and the county public children services agency who conducted the investigation.     

Ohio Administrative Code rule 5101:2-33-21, Confidentiality and Dissemination of Child Welfare Information, allows an individual or a children services agency to request a search of the SACWIS registry and receive information about the status of an individual's name on the Ohio SACWIS Registry.   

Submitting a SACWIS Registry Search Request - click on links below:  

OSAPS:  https://ap.jfs.ohio.gov   

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SACWIS Alleged Perpetrator Search Q&A

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Individuals or agencies seeking background checks for current or prospective child care providers must submit requests through ODJFS, Office of Family Assistance, Bureau of Child Care Licensing and Monitoring. E-mail CCBackgroundCheck@jfs.ohio.gov or call 877-302-2347, Option 4