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Family First Prevention Services Act (Family First)

Making Historic Reforms to the Nation’s Children’s Services System  

The federal Family First Prevention Services Act (Family First) was adopted on February 9, 2018 and will be implemented nationwide by October 1, 2021. Family First places emphasis on the use of evidence based prevention services to alleviate the need for placement of children in foster care, and ensuring appropriate settings are used for children in foster care.

The name of the law reflects its VISION:
A family first for children and teens through quality prevention services.
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These Resources help to outline the Implementation planning:  

      Family First Communication


      The QRTP Subcommittee began meeting in March 2019 and solidified all recommendations in September 2019. The Subcommittee’s goal was to examine the Family First QRTP requirements and discuss how Ohio’s residential facilities can comply with those requirements. In addition to engaging multiple facilities in the conversation around requirements of Family First, the subcommittee and workgroups focused on the readiness of agencies to implement QRTP requirements. Although the subcommittee’s goal was the “what” of QRTP planning, the subcommittee and workgroups kept in mind the implementation planning that needs to happen as a result of these changes.

      The QRTP subcommittee engaged several workgroups to really focus in on particular areas of QRTP planning; Accreditation, Agency Readiness, Court Oversight, Level of Care, Licensing and Contracting, and Treatment Model.

      All QRTP Recommendations (Excerpt from the Roadmap Document)


      Kinship and Adoption Navigator Resources:

      Model Standards:

      Communications and Resources:

      Other Resources:

      You can also view historical information on Family First.