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Bureau of Civil Rights (BCR) - FAQ's  
FAQs   FAQ's: Frequently asked questions
Q:  What is the Bureau of Civil Rights' jurisdiction?
A:  BCR has two major areas of jurisdiction.  One is the enforcement of ODJFS' non-discrimination (Equal Employment Opportunity) policy as it applies to its internal employees.  The other is the enforcement of non-discrimination laws as they apply to people who access or participate in its program services throughout the State of Ohio.
Q:  How does a program participant file a discrimination complaint?
A:  A program participant can file with the county agency he/she believes discriminated and with the ODJFS Bureau of Civil Rights.  BCR will also inform the complainant of what federal agency they may with, either the Department of Health and Human Services, the department of Agriculture or the Department of Labor.  A complaint must be filed within 180 days from the alleged date of discrimination.
Q: On what basis and for what reason can a program participant file a discrimination complaint?  
A:  The bases for filing a discrimination complaint with BCR are race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, ancestry, and citizenship/participant status (WIOA program only) political affiliation or belief. The reasons for filing discrimination complaints generally involve the fact that the person was denied or delayed any service, aid or other benefit provided under an ODJFS program, be subjected to segregation or disparate treatment in an ODJFS program, be provided services using different rules to decide who will get assistance, be limited in the use of buildings, rooms or other space in a way that denies individual participation or access, and accessibility and reasonable accommodations for disabilities.