Job & Family Services Requests for Proposals
ODJFS Request for Information (RFI) # R-89-10-0876 for "National Resume Data Bank"
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    Final Answers to Vendor Questions

  • The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services requests information from vendors who have electronic resumes as one of their main business strategies and who would, for a monthly fee from ODJFS, provide free access to registered employers to:

  • The national resume data bank to all certified Ohio employers.
  • The Ohio ONLY based resumes (from their national resume bank) for bordering Employers of a 30 mile radius and those Employers granted access by representatives of ODJFS.

ODJFS issues this RFI in order to determine the availability of qualified, ready, and willing vendors, and to collect information on vendor practices so that ODJFS can make informed program decisions regarding the range of services and service delivery options available in order to fulfill a developing need. No procurement of any vendor services will occur via this RFI alone. Should ODJFS decide to implement programmatic directions for which work similar to that described in this RFI would be needed, a formal competitive procurement will be undertaken at that time.